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Maintenance and Engineering Best Practice Training Program

How does FFP UPTIME best practice training teach MRO crews preventive maintenance management, industrial plant maintenance engineering and plant engineering so effectively?

With your ‘FFP UPTIME Maintenance and Engineering Best Practices Training Program’ you get –

  • Thirty weeks of five educational articles weekly covering engineering, maintenance, reliability, plant design or asset management in the 30-week training program.
  • Every week you print off that week’s edition.  You read it and then copy it to the maintenance and operations crews.
  • Once a week you all meet together and discuss what was learned.  This step is important and makes the program unique.  You must provide someone from senior or middle management that knows the engineering of your plant and equipment to talk about that week’s topics with your employees for at least an hour a week.

    The discussions are used to tailor the education to your operation, to reinforce how you want the new knowledge used and to prove to them the importance that you place on their training.


  • NOTE: Articles are usually kept to less than 1000 words for easy reading and clear focus on the topic being taught.
  • You get full control over presenting the program Included in the program along with the 30-week course notes are 18 specific topic e-books on CD, all 150 individual articles on CD, the bearing lubrication simulation training game CD and 5 copies of the ‘Pocket Maintenance Advisor’.

    You can focus on any issue covered in the program in any way you feel is best suited to your organization!


  • You keep all the ‘FFP UPTIME’ programs notes and CD’s in the company reference library for more training in future.

The secret of why UPTIME Maintenance and Engineering training works so well.


This is a training program that people dream about! Totally in-house, totally about your process, plant and equipment, the content is totally under your control, it can cover the total workforce or a total crew and it’s low cost.


It works because the employees see that you are totally committed to making improvements to the operation’s performance and costs! So committed that your company is putting personal senior management time and effort into it.


When your people see that you willing to put valuable time and effort into training them, they get the message that this is important. They want to get involved and want to use that knowledge to better their practices.


They will be as committed to the program as you are! You set the lead, the tone and the range of improvements that you want from the course.


Be prepared to help them to take on the new practices and the new ways of thinking that you want.  You may need to buy new tools and maintenance equipment.  There may be additional specialized skills development and training needed for some individuals.  It’s all part of showing how committed you are to improving your people and your operation.


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