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Home Page Level: One click from home pages

For a fee of $799 per quarter, we will place your keyword based text link on the bottom of our BIN95 home page.(1 of 2 web site home pages) or
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Target Pages Level: Two clicks from home pages


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For a fee of $250 per quarter, we will place your advertising banner on the top targeted page of your choice, in our "Links" section. That is why our visitors go to this high traffic area of our site, to find companies like yours. 
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Pages like Industries, OEM, Consultants or Vendor areas.
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Sponsor Level: Be a part of your customer's success


For a fee of $300 per quarter, you will receive sponsor level advertising on our site. Let's face it, most people are searching the web for content. While they are relishing in their success, your ad will be on the top of the page they found and the top of their mind! You pick any article on our site, and we'll place you Banner at the top of that page. Also we will thank you for sponsoring that page with-in the article. This way when viewers copy the article and pass it around, your advertisement goes with it. (Free viral marketing)


Our web site is a great place to start. The content is exclusive to BIN, and on the hottest topic searched for on the internet, Lean Manufacturing. But hurry, with all the publicity we are dedicating to that site, advertisement space is going quick. Other high traffic areas Technical Database Sample areas (CNC, PLC, Extrusion, Molding, Pulp and Paper, Electronics, Computers, and Internet help) , Articles, and even the Jokes area created by our viewers.


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Article Donation


How about Free advertisement! If you would like to give us permission to copy an article from your site (or email us one) to be placed on our site, the article will have links back to your web site and company.

Articles must be limited in size if only in PDF format (no big pictures or advertisement), and have true value added content for our Industrial,  Manufacturing and Maintenance viewers.

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Reciprocal Link:


Another popular way for free advertisement is to provide a link to or Let us know what page on your site has the link to us, and we'll link to your site. 


Notice: As of 2006, we only link to your home page if the page on your site where you placed our link is a PR value of 4 or more. Otherwise we will link to the page within your site where you actually placed our website link. This method will increase the traffic and PR value of your page that has our link on it.


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Some Site Statistics:


We have an Average of successful requests per month: (1.5 Million)

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1,560,187 Successful server requests

195,697 Requests for pages

46,252 Distinct hosts served


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