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Programmable Controllers Using Allen-Bradley SLC500 and Control-Logix

Programmable Controllers Many control programs and examples, covering the basics as well as the complexities of sequential and automatic control and the latest trends in programmable controller technology. From fundamentals to PID instruction, and troubleshooting and maintenance. Upon completion, readers will be able to write complex programs using state diagramming, zone control, subroutines, and sequential function charts.

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Thanks  ramansundaram for using BIN95.       

Problem : We are using several types of AB PLC- SLC 5/01...5/04 ETC
I cannot use RSLogix 500 software to go online with SLC 5/01
which is using AI series software though theoretically it is possible. I am able to go online with RSLogix, it reads all the files and finally it gives an error message.

Tried: Off line I have copied the AI series software PLC file and tried to read in RSLogix, but could not.

Solution : It is true, *not just in theory*, you can use RSLogix for SLC 5/01s. First I would ask you what particular error you are getting after reading file online? Second, what error you see when trying to read *.ACH file offline with RSLogix 500?

Occasionally, when original file in PLC was done with AI, I have had problems. I then fallow the same procedures you have, but always with success.
1. Read *.ACH file offline with RSLogix 500.
2. Save file as RSlogix file (importing descriptors with drop down menu, [tools], [database]. But descriptor step is not necessary, just convenient)
3. Download new RSLogix version to PLC with a new name.

I have seen one Techs computer where the Windows file association was set wrong, and when double clicking on *.ACH file in Windows Explorer, windows would try to open file with RSLogix 5 instead of RS 500. To test that, we opened RS 500 first, then used file open command to open *.ACH file. (Later re-associating programs properly.)

Another question, are you trying to open a backed up version of the ACH offline, or did you use AI to upload a current copy of the ladder logic in PLC, and then try opening with RS 500? I mention this as backed up floppy disk laying in the bottom of an electrical cabinet, are prone to corruption. (Another good reason to use WinZip. If the file gets corrupted, WinZip will let you know when opening it.)

If you would like, you can reply to this email with a copy of the AI program to bin95, and we will convert to RSLogix 500 for you. Please WinZip the file up so it is not too large to email. Zipping program up before emailing also insures file integrity.

Thanks  Precision Control Systems for using BIN95.       

Problem : I am trying to get up to speed on controlling 4 stepper motors from an AB SLC 5/04. I am familiar with IDC and Parker but have not had the chance to use the 1746 HSTP1 module. Is there anywhere I can get some example logic so I can jump into this quickly?

Tried: I have been out to Rockwell's (Allen Bradley -Rockwell Automation) website and downloaded the manuals, for a start.


Solution : (.RSS Example of ladder logic with stepper)

step_sequences.txt (Sequence for BBG example above.)

The above examples are from the project: Automated Limited Containment Of Hazardous Organic Liquids

More insight from EPICs project using 1746 HSTP1


Thanks  S Rossetti of Austria Heat and Control for the info.       

Problem : I cannot configure an Allen-Bradley PCMK card for DH+ on my new laptop running in Win 2000 professional.  The 'add new hardware' wizard does not recognize the Win95 plug and play driver I have.

Tried: I have contacted my local Allen-Bradley dealer and they seem to think that the Win95 drivers still work (although I am skeptical).  The PCMCIA card shows up on my system (un-configured).


Solution : Bin95: Have you tried adding hardware manually? Under control panel, add new hardware. One of the dialog boxes ask you, "Search for hardware?" You select "I would like to pick from list". then go down the categories to the PCMCIA devices, and click. In the list of vendors, you will not see Allen Bradley. You then would insert floppy with AB PCMCIA drivers on it, and click button "Have Disk".

Rossetti: Thanks for the reply - I was able to fix the problem literally minutes after I sent the enquiry to you, how surprising!
Basically the Windows 2000 driver is included with the RSLinx installation
disk - all you have to do is point the Windows hardware installer in the
right direction when it asks you to browse for a driver.  If you use
explorer to view the RSLinx CD, it is not too hard to find the file yourself
prior to installing the card- the CD's folders and file names are pretty
much self-explanatory.
Thanks for your help anyhow!

Thanks for the info.       
Problem : Gateway Solo users might experience problems where ICOM PLC software will report that the PCMK memory cannot be found, or that the card isn't present at the specified address.
Solution : This is apparently caused by a BIOS problem in the Solo; BIOS version 1.06 may fix the problem, but is currently in beta testing. The latest BIOS (including 1.06 Beta) may be downloaded from Gateway 2000's BBS at 605-232-2224 or from their WEB site. For now, you need to override the address that Windows 95 automatically assigns to the PCMK (the ones we've seen have been at address CA000, which the Solo BIOS mistakenly thinks is unused.) To do this: email me at above address, and I will send you readme file that comes with PCMK Plug and Play driver.

Thanks aton for the info.       
Problem : Do you know if ICOM will work with Windows 2000 using the PCMK driver. I am using a Gateway Solo 9300 notebook and am having a hard time trying to get ICOM to work? The RSLINX works fine though.

Your website is very informative. Thanks
Solution : Thanks for the good comment about our web site :>)

 We have added details about PCMK, as many run into issues. 

So assuming you … 

  1. Compare communication settings in RS Linx, with your settings in ICOM. (I/E: correct pcmk slot, baud matches, etc.) 

  2. Do not have RS links communicating via pcmk, before you try to start up ICOM. Try starting PC in real DOS mode (if win 2000 has real, NT user, need to use RS Linx Lite, maybe winn 2000 users also). 

  3. Check that you have latest pcmk driver for your pcmk card (A or B). See update utility link in download area below, for details to driver/setup needed. (this is a common issue when technicians install old copy of ICOM on a new lap top :>) 

  4. If you want to use rslinx with 6200 you will have to install interchange for windows. 

Commentary: Rockwell advertises full support for their new products with Win 2000. Unfortunately AI came out too early. We have not seen much support for old software with win 2000, (maybe they would rather sell you RS logics :>). Just one of many examples of pcmk/2000 support see message board post. The guys on Tech TV are un-installing win 2000, as it did not pan out. It' back to win98. If you add the complexity of setting up RS Linx Lite + DOS based AI + Win 2000, well you can see the hassles. We heard rumor that Win 2000 DOS is not a real operating system, and causes a lot of head aches too. 


Alternate Solutions: Of course you could ask Rockwell for updated drivers/software for Win 2000.

Thanks for the info.       
Problem : I have to do a report on PLC's & Process Control. Can anyone help with any info on these subjects. Such as "what is it, what does it do, what it controls, why etc.". Any good web site to locate info. Thanks for any info.
Solution : Do a web search for the people that make PLC's: Allen Bradley, Modicon,GE, Siemens, Koyo, Triconex, Honeywell... (that should be enough to get you started), I am currently looking for subjects to add to our WEB site to increase content. This sounds like a good subject, so in a couple days look at, under news articles.

Thanks for the info.       
Problem : When running Allen Bradley PLC5 software (ICOM), ver. 8.04 or less, my Dell Inspiron 3000 locks up on a BIOS level. (I have to remove power cord and battery to reboot it) This lock up only occurs when going "online".
Solution : This problem occurs because of a memory conflict where BIOS handles power management, and communication to PCMCIA card # 1784-PCMK   series "A" and a modem card. The only solution for now is to run on battery power when online with the PLC and or remove modem card. We are checking into it further and will post a more permanent solution later.

Thanks for the info.       
Problem : If logic to communicate between a PLC 5 and a SLC 500 uses FIFO, can you use that logic to confirm you have a communication problem?
Solution : Yes, you will most likely see that the FIFO pointer is at it's highest position. To confirm that FIFO is being filled up (not emptied by confirmation that each file has been successfully sent), reset pointer to 0 (zero) to see if FIFO fills again. To reset pointer, put cursor on FIFO, and use display/special.

Thanks for the info.       
Problem : What kind of cable is used to connect an Allen Bradley PLC5 RS232 channel zero port to a SLC 500 port?
Solution : When connecting two “Data Terminal” devices together via RS232 for communication, a modem has to be simulated, by swapping wires 2&3. When connecting a “Data Terminal” device to a modem, wires are straight through, pin for pin. Grounds 4&7 connect together also. The PLC5 RS232 port already has wires 2&3 swapped internally, so only a straight through cable is needed.

Thanks for the info.       
Problem : I need to find out more about the processor error 83 (watch dog timer fault), in an Allen Bradley PLC.
Solution : This is caused by an error in the programming, such as an infinite loop and can be elusive when caused by jumping to sub-routines. Check the processor status screen for location in program that caused fault.

Thanks for the info.       
Problem : After upgrading to SLC500 version 8.14, the "Upload/Download " secondary menu does not appear, when you select "Upload/Download" from the main menu. Also the "Reports" selection from the main menu, does nothing.
Solution : Create a shortcut to the AI500 software. Once the shortcut is created, right mouse click on the icon. Select Properties. In the properties setup window, there is a tab labeled Memory. Select that tab. There is a field that is labeled DPMI will default to the AUTO setting. Change this setting to 16384. Click on Apply to apply these changes. Click on OK to close out the window.

Thanks for the info.       
Problem : Can't establish communication with Omron controller when I change the baud rate in Omron's "CAPs" software to anything but 9600.
Solution : Must change front switch number 3 on LK201v1 module to match the new baud rate. Email me if you need the data sheet on the LK201v1.

Thanks for the info.

Problem :Thought you would like this handy tip. How do you put a one shot in your ladder logic for a PLC2.

Solution :PLC 2 ONE SHOT Use bit 203/00 SCT in series, there is a bit for leading edge and a bit for trailing edge. (Scan Count Technique)

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