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Saint Louis - Phase II PLC Training Workshop

PanelView to PLC using Allen Bradley PanelBuilder32

One of many industrial training services offered by BIN

No longer offered as seminars, on-site training only.

This training workshop offered as On-Site Training only.

What you will learn ...
  • Panelview Hardware
    • Introduction to Panelview 550 & Panelview 300
    • Panelview to PLC Communications
    • Working with PanelBuilder
    • Utilizing the Memory Card
    • Troubleshooting and repair of the Panelview 550 and Panelview 300
    • Getting more help
  • PanelBuilder Software
    • PanelBuilder32 overview
    • Panel Builder tools
    • Editing a Panel Builder program
    • Creating graphics for HMI 
    • Adding a menu screen
    • How to find your own answers using software
  • Real Word Application
    • Getting Online with the Panelview
    • Saving the program
    • Tracing data from Panview to PLC
    • Sending data from the PLC to the Panelview
    • Real world examples of Ladder Logic
    • Panelview on the DH+
    • Hands on challenge 

What you will receive ...

  • World Class Training
  • Hands On Experience
  • Classroom Handouts
  • A copy of the Power Point
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Follow up support by email
  • Resource CD
  • The confidence to continue to learn and more.

(Registration for Saint Louis Seminar now closed)

We are a Strategic Training Partner for the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) and provide AFE members a 10% discount.

Side Notes: This is a hands on, relaxed industrial control tutorial with instructor roaming the class, giving each individual help with the SLC 500 , PLC 5 , Micrologix ,  PanelView 550 , and PanelView 300 equipment used in class.

If you are seeking to modify or troubleshoot your operator control stations these industrial training services can help. If you are responsible for maintaining the Allen Bradley Panelview , you will find the troubleshooting tips and methods of great value. Those of you not in Saint Louis, we will supply a hotel discount code upon registration.


Drury Inn & Suites just 1/2 mile down the road at ...

11980 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, Missouri, 63141

Note: Loaner laptops will be available for those who do not bring their own. We will be using laptops to work with the Panelviews and PLCs we connect together in class. 


Business Industrial Network will be hosting this two day training seminar on Allen-Bradley's Panelview (HMI-OCS) and Panel Builder software. This will be a hands-on workshop with PanelView 550 and PanelView 300 as well as the SLC 500 PLC and Micrologix  PLC to work with.

A crash course in how to reduce downtime while working with Allen-Bradley's PanelView   and SLC 500 software. Attendees will work with PanelView operator control station screens and associated ladder logic in RSLogix to fully understand the flow of data and how a PanelView HMI interacts with the PLC.

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This more advanced seminar is Business Industrial Network's Phase II PLC Training (Phase I training is our PLC Troubleshooting course), and is only offered as On-Site Training. It is highly recommended that all attendees take our PLC Troubleshooting course first, as this workshop focus on Human Machine Interface (industrial HMI) training.

This is the PanelView to PLC - two day workshop that used to take place Tuesday and Wednesday so attendees could take our  PID Control - two day workshop which was on Thursday and Friday. 

These process control  training workshops, as with all of our training courses, are not just text book instructions but practical knowledge and case examples based on years of experience.

Both of these courses offer information your people will actually use out on the shop floor. 

To offer you the greatest return on your PLC training investment this seminar is focused on ...

How to troubleshoot more quickly and reliabilyTroubleshooting

How to troubleshoot more quickly and reliabilyReducing Downtime

Backup PLC RSLogix programs, safely upload - downloadEditing with PanelBuilder32

Students build confidence to continue their PLC eduction on their own.Continuing Self Education

The instructor for this seminar will be Donald B. Fitchett, who has been teaching about process control equipment for over a decade, and has designed - implemented world class training programs around the world. Don will also bring to this workshop, his  expertise on the true cost of downtime to stress the importance of quick reliable troubleshooting. 

Workshop Location ...PLC Training at the Microsoft Building



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