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A Texan Facility Service provider...

    • Thank you very much!  This will be most helpful.  I will certainly pass this awesome website on to my co-workers, peers and more importantly our maintenance guys.  Again,  Thanks!


5 Star Support ...

    • Your web site is very helpful!  Much work has gone into making it and it
      shows.  I have a resource that I would like to share that your guests may
      find very helpful, I know that I have! 


Management solutions and research provided too...

    • YOU ARE THE BEST!! Your email has been unbelievably helpful and I appreciate your quick, thorough response.
      Have a great week!


In reference to our Onsite AB PLC training ...

  • The instructor  (Don) was able to tailor his course to our skill level as well as revise his logic to accommodate our software in less than 24 hrs.!! Don also followed up with a hands on session following the classroom exercises. Don quickly noted faults in our programming within moments of going on line. Our skill levels ranged from expert to beginner and no one was left behind. Ross - DOE customer (BNFL)



Our online QH customer ...

    • Thanks for the reply - I was able to fix the problem literally minutes after I sent the enquiry to you, how surprising!

RSLinx problem is Australia

    • I'd just like to say thanks for all you've done so far.
      Free help is hard to find these days. Michael


    • THANKS for your assistant with our machine lathe, the machine can work as usual again.  
              Thanks for your help again.
      from a California machine shop


    • Again I would like to thank you for very useful PDF sent to me. Lastly, thank you again for your kind useful suggestions. Your website is very helpful to everyone.  Regards, Tawatchai

      from a wood factory in Thailand


    • Thanks, your web site looked like it can be a great help for people with Emergencies.Thanks Again Barney (Weather Vane Capital)

    • Hi Don,
      Can I express my sincere thanks to you and the company you represent for
      sending me information that I think will be of great benefit towards my
      project.  Regards, Eamonn H.

    • Thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. I'm going to follow
      your advice and begin by reading / studying the 2 books you recommended;
      based on that experience, I will then look at next steps... perhaps AB
      training or other training / certification.
      Jim McConville

    • Hey man,

      Thanks a million for the job resource. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for all the time. Thanks again,


Our peers ...

    • Just visited your site and found some very interesting info, and will be adding a link on

    • In reference to our Downtime Cost Ebook, Bob Giese - VersaCall Technologies Inc. "... There is nothing that rivals your publication on the true cost of downtime. It is very comprehensive and complete and I have recommended it to a number of individuals and will continue to do so."


Many response are ...

    • Thanks for all your help...

Also see samples of who our customers are around the world.

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