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PLC Source and Sink Training Interactive Tools


Free Online PLC Training: 4 PLC Source and Sink training interactive tools, PowerPoint and video.


Please share this page with others using the social media buttons on the left. The more popular we find these memory training tools to be the more training interactive tools we will create in the future. So share with as many as you can. The last one, PLC data files got a lot of likes and shares, so here is another, the PLC Source and Sink tutorials. Four different ways to learn PLC sinking vs. sourcing inputs and outputs.


  • These 4 PLC source sink training interactive tools are free online training. The first interactive "PLC Source Sink Slideshow" has 27 second delay on each slide so you can study. So even after narration, it may stay on a slide for a few more seconds. steps 2 & 3 are just to study PLC input and outputs circuits a little more. Step 4 is a fun little game to sort the pictures to their proper Source or Sink bucket. At the bottom of page is link to PowerPoint with more detailed instructor notes and a link to video.


PLC Sink source
Study PLC Source and Sink slides for 27 seconds each.
PLC Input Source Sink
Use the above PLC Input Source Sink Zoom tool to study the circuit a little more.
PLC Output Source Sink
Use the above PLC Output Source Sink Zoom tool to study the circuit a little more.
PLC Sink and Source
In this game, drag the picture to the proper Sink or source bucket.


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Also, please leave comment below as to what you think about this free PLC Source and Sink training tool and what future topic you would like covered. (Thank you Scott of GP for requesting this one.)

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