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To get this help with ISO 55001 implementation and prepare for PASS 55

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PWW Plant & Equipment Reliability Solutions


Below is the plant and equipment reliability program called PWW (Plant Wellness Way) by asset management specialists Mike Sondalini and others in the Lifetime Reliability Solutions Global Network. The free Plant-Equipment Reliability PWW PDF and spreadsheet that goes with this article help with ISO 55001 implementation and to prepare you for that part of PAS 55.
"Where Lean and Six Sigma fail" a Plant Wellness Way 'system-of-reliability' uses only right strategies, processes and practices that get you lasting operational excellence success and profits."

The above free download is to a zip file that contains a PDF copy of the Plant and Equipment Wellness book.  It introduces and overviews the Plant Wellness Way (PWW) methodology for world class plant and equipment reliability creation and Operational Excellence performance. The zip file also contains  a short white paper on how to use PWW with the ISO 55001 asset management specification and that part of PAS 55 asset management standard so you get maximum plant and equipment reliability from their frameworks. 


You also have free access to Lifetime Reliability Solutions Global Network's 14-hour, 20-video set PWW raining course available at YouTube: Plant Wellness Way videos.  The videos were professionally filmed during a 3-day training course for Licensed PWW Consultants in USA.  Return to the webpage anytime you want to view a video.  You are welcome to send the link to the videos to everyone in your company who can benefit from knowing how to create world class reliability, maintenance and operational performance.


Plant Wellness Way To A World Class Operation

You use the Plant Wellness Way to design and re-engineer your business lifecycle and company processes for maximum operating success.  PWW lets you get the highest operating profits with solutions that quickly eliminate your operational risks and equipment failures.   You create successful processes that focus your time, money and efforts on doing what brings sure world class operational performance.
Because you first design your company processes to be a system-of-reliability for operational success, and then install the right solutions into your operation, you build an organization where everyone, top to bottom, knows how and what to do to get world class Reliability, Maintenance and Operational Excellence.  Your business is built and run to always produce the utmost operating profits.
The Plant Wellness Way lets you quickly put the three vital requirements for world class operational performance into your company's DNA:

  1.  An accuracy-controlled work quality assurance system so your business and operational processes are robust and anti-fragile to disruption.  Anti-fragile processes make the right outcomes happen.  PWW re-engineers your business to create anti-fragile processes that prevent problems, while delivering Operational Excellence.  On a PWW licensed site you use the Accuracy Controlled Enterprise (ACE) quality assurance methodology to get this level of performance.
  2.  Forced business and operational process innovation for productivity improvement so you drive solutions to get the least cost, right-first-time products and services.  From there you continually challenge your people to invent solutions for your processes and methods to get ever better productivity.  PWW sites put the best tools and solutions that quickly steer your operation to its optimal production zone into their 3T (Target-Tolerance-Test) procedures so world class work quality is standard practice.
  3.  Holistic, life-cycle enterprise asset management that gets you to design a successful operation to produce stable, reliable plant and equipment with outstanding availability, highest utilization and maximum sustainable throughput.  The attached white paper overviews how with PWW you have a lifecycle strategy and a holistic methodology to build every operation into a system-of-reliability that always gets world class performance from your physical assets. 



3 Important Steps To Put The Plant Wellness System-of-Reliability In Your Company

To get you company to the heights of world class performance most quickly is the single purpose of the Plant Wellness Way.  You use PWW to get the maximum productivity from your operating assets and people with certainty of achievement.  In order to insure success you must do PWW process improvement projects in a particular way.
PWW requires you to adopt a three phase approach that must be done in this order: Design - Train - Implement.  The sequence is absolutely critical if you want to ensure Operational Excellence success.
Design: In this phase you analyze your current processes and develop more effective solutions.  You get new process flow drawings with fully documented procedures and work instruction specifying what needs to happen throughout your new processes to get maximum productivity.
Train: Once your Leadership agrees to the new process designs, your management, supervision and employees learn what to do to successfully operate the new processes and get the designed operating performance.
Implement: Once your people are fully aware of what they will be doing in the new way of working you then make the required physical layout and workflow changes.
By first Designing your new processes and writing the necessary new practices into your procedures everyone knows exactly what needs to be done to be more efficient and effective.  Training your people in the new ways and workflows lets them fully understand what happens in the processes they belong to and the roles they and others do in them.  It also gives them confidence they will do a great job in the 'renewed' operation.  Implementation is left until last so that it will go swiftly and smoothly.  This strategy delivers the take-up and proper use of all the new productivity improvements designed into your renewed operation's processes.
With this sequenced approach you know what will happen at every stage of the improvement project before you undertake that phase.  It puts you are in full control of the outcome and instills the right knowledge and activities that get the designed Operational Excellence performance you want.
Your company starts the climb to world class performance with a week-long education program for Executives and Senior Managers.  They learn the Plant Wellness Way methodology, strategies and tools needed to lead the climb to being a world class operation.  Eventually there are comprehensive training courses for all levels in your organization.  No one is left out of the education and skills they need to be successful.


For more information on Plant Wellness Way to Operational Excellence in Industrial Operations Program options please talk to your Licensed PWW Consultant. Use our contact form to ask for "the closest PWW consultant" for your country and state. Your PWW Consultant will explain what to do to lift your business process performance to the heights of business success. Licensed Consultants who use the Plant Wellness Way methodology to quickly get world class performance into and out of your operation. 


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