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Recommended Link Partner Program

If you are currently a standard link partner on our site - I want to thank you for the link exchange. (FAQ)

We have recently implemented a new program on our site which I hope you might be interested in. It is what we call the "Recommended Link Partner" program.

To qualify for this program: 

First - you must already be a link partner with our site.

Second - your site must have a rank of at least 6 on the Google Toolbar.

This exchange is simple.  We ask that you place our link button or text link on your home page. In exchange, we will put a second link to your website on our HOME PAGE in the Recommended Link Partners Section.

This has the effect of giving BOTH sites a Level 6 page link back - which can greatly boost your Google Page Rank, and consequently, how highly your search terms are graded by Google, and how high they place within the search indexes.

If you are interested in this type of exchange, please email us as soon as you have added our link to your industrial related home page. We will verify your link to, and place your link in our Recommended Link Partner Section - usually the same day.

Thank you for your interest.

(TIP: If your website has not yet reached Google level 6, we recommend Industrial Internet Marketing. The quickest way to the top of search engine results is to use a promotional service that specializes in your industry.)

Business Industrial Network reserves the right to approve or decline any reciprocating link request. Some Recommended Link Partners may be selected by other special arrangements with Business Industrial Network (Including the Alexa Toolbar ranking).


What is popularity level of 6 on Google?

The Google toolbar has a rank indicator. This gives you the ability to quickly know how the web page you are currently viewing in your browser, ranks with the Google search engine. 

How does the Google ranking system work?

That is a trade secret, but we can tell you the web page being viewed receives a score of 1-10 based on the Google page rank system. The higher the page score, the higher up the page is placed in search results.

Where can I get the free Google toolbar?

You can get the tool bars at

What is the Alexa Toolbar?

Get vital web site information, including traffic rankings, contact information plus site stats and customer reviews!

How does the Alexa ranking system work?

The Alexa toolbar has a rank indicator also. The Alexa rank is quite different than Google's. With Alexa, the rank displayed is for the entire website being shown in your browser. The rank is a popularity rank based on traffic and links to. For example your rank could be the 97,860th most popular site in the world (like ours), or it could be somewhere in the range of the 1,456,321th most popular web site.

Where can I get the free Alexa toolbar?

free toolbar alexa, google and amazon  Through our partnership with, we are offering an exclusive Business Industrial Network version of the award winning Alexa Toolbar. No browser should be without this handy free tool!  (The combined power of Alexa, Google and Amazon)

Which Toolbar should I install?

We recommend and use both the Google and the Alexa toolbars. Google being the most important search engine in the world, and Alexa giving detailed website analysis with a popularity rank.

Hope these frequently asked question (FAQ) helped. If you still have questions and can not find the answer at the links above, please drop us an email.

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