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Our eLearning courses feature hands-on tasks and real-world applications. Please click your button after reviewing this eLearning help page about our EIT certificate program online courses. 


SCADA and PLC Control Systems Course (main page)

SCADA and PLC course outline

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Join the next generation of engineers and technicians through innovative eLearning, upgrade your skills from your home or office.


Whether you want to refresh your current knowledge or update your skills, Engineering Institute of Technology eLearning programs will help you to achieve your goals.

The eLearning courses are designed for engineers and technicians who cannot attend standard classroom led training due to time or distance limitations, or for those who simply want more flexible training.  The courses feature hands-on tasks, real-world applications and use a multi-pronged approach involving self-study, interactive online web learning classes and homework assignments with a mentor on call.


elearning benefits - how elearning works - elearning exercises - elearners certificates - live webcasts - courses accreditation - cancellation policy - register for elearning courses - faq


benefits of elearning


certificate program online web learning


how elearning work?

the elearning programs feature real-world applications and use a multi-pronged approach involving interactive online internet webcasts, simulation software and self-study  assignments with a mentor on call. the courses consist of a set number of modules delivered over a given time frame. presentations and group discussions will be conducted using a live, interactive software system. for each elearning module you will have an initial reading assignment (which will be delivered to you in electronic format in advance of the online presentations).

there will be coursework or problems to be submitted and in some cases there will be practical exercises, using simulation software and remote labs that you can easily do from your home or office. you will have ongoing support from the instructors as well as course coordinators via phone, fax and e-mail.


practical exercises and remote laboratories

as part of the groundbreaking new way of teaching, these elearning courses use a series of remote laboratories (labs) and simulation software, to facilitate your learning and to test the knowledge you gain during your course. these involve complete working labs set up at various locations of the world into which you will be able to log and proceed through the various practical sessions.

these will be supplemented by simulation software, running either remotely or on your computer, to ensure you gain the requisite hands-on experience. no one can learn much solely from lectures, the labs and simulation software are designed to increase the absorption of the materials and to give you a practical orientation of the learning experience. all this will give you a solid, practical exposure to the key principles covered and will ensure that you obtain maximum benefit from your course.


we currently have 2 different types of elearning courses available:

elearners certificates

engineering institute of technology elearners certificates consist of a set number of modules, each module is covered in a live online webcast presentation with a professional instructor, including group discussions with participants from around the globe.

the elearners certificates involve set assignments, readings and where possible, practical sessions using simulation software, with ongoing support with the instructor via phone, fax or email. participants completing all the assignments and achieving 60% or more for their final mark, will receive the eit certificate in the subject, participants having attended all the units will receive a certificate of attendance.

some practical work experience in the fundamental topics would obviously be advantageous. you can enroll anywhere in the world as long as you have a satisfactory internet connection.


live webcasts

during the program you will participate in live interactive sessions with the instructor and other participants from around the world. each webcast will be scheduled at 2 varying times, so you can select one that is most convenient for you. all you need to participate is an adequate internet connection and a headset with a microphone. during the live internet webcasts you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss the techniques and procedures used in the design and engineering of complex process plants and piping systems. the software package and setup details will be sent to you prior to the course. session times to be confirmed upon registration.


courses accreditation

it is very important to us at engineering institute of technology to ensure that our clients can confidently attend our courses knowing that the professional development they are receiving is of a creditable standard and will provide them with personal, measurable, productivity gains and the opportunity for career advancements.

we have presented courses to over 200,000 engineers and technicians over the past 16 years and our aim of maintaining the highest of standards has endured.

engineering institute of technology  is an institute of engineering and technology (iet) endorsed training provider
engineering institute of technology training courses are recognized by engineers australia for cpd purposes


engineering institute of technology  recognized by engineers australia for cpd purposes recognized by engineers australia for cpd purposes institute of engineering and technology (iet) endorsed training provider ieee education partner project management institute   engineers for new zealand saimc  institute of measurement and control  training accreditation council


cancellation policy

a fee of 20% will apply for written cancellations received 7-14 days prior to the commencement of the
course. cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the course are not refundable however substitutes are


how to register for elearning courses?

go to the page for the specific certificate program online course you wish to attend and complete contact form to receive registration form and updated online web learning schedule. example, for plc/scada course click ...


register online now


also you may opt to click on brochure/registration form on each course page.

elearning benefits - how elearning works - elearning exercises - elearners certificates - live webcasts - courses accreditation - cancellation policy - register for elearning courses - faq


elearning faq

can i pause my progress and come back to complete the course later?

the webcasts cannot be postponed and are set within a given time frame however, it is possible to discontinue a current course and join the next, at the same point.


when will i receive my materials?

materials are received in electronic format at regular intervals throughout the course, by email.

will i receive notification that i am enrolled on this course?

yes, confirmation is sent between 7 and 10 days from point of registration.

live webcasts



what do live webcasts involve?
these are live interactive sessions throughout the program with the instructor and other participants from around the world. each webcast is between 60 and 90 minutes in duration and will be scheduled at 2 varying times, so participants can select the session which is most convenient.


will it be a live session?

yes the webcasts are live (in real time).  all students and the instructor log in to the webcast �room� simultaneously.


how long will the sessions be?

the sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on how many questions the participants have.


what if i cannot make/miss a live webcast?

webcasts are recorded and available to students upon request, however to receive the certificate of completion a minimum of 70% of live webcasts must be attended. the live webcasts offer the opportunity to interact with the instructor and other participants from around the globe, which is an essential part of the learning process.


where do i download the webcast software?

all the necessary instructions to download and install the webcast software are sent to participants prior to the course.


when will the sessions take place? when will i receive a webcast schedule?

the webcast schedule is not put together until after registrations close.  the reason for this is that the course is promoted globally and we often have participants from several time zones. once registrations close participants receive a questionnaire which determines the availability of those registered. once all questionnaires are returned we create a schedule which will meet everyone�s requirements.  each webcast will run at 2 varying times and we guarantee at least one session will fall into the requested time frames.

are the sessions held at the same time of day/day of the week every time?

we do try to keep the schedule as consistent as possible, however, this depends on the instructor's availability.

if i experience technical difficulties and am unable to sit in the session, will i be able to arrange for another?

the webcast sessions are recorded for this reason, but depending on the situation it may be possible to reschedule a session for a later date.

can i talk to my instructor throughout the session or is all the communication one-sided?

communication with the instructor is possible at all times via microphone, drawing on the whiteboard or by typing in the direct messaging tool.

 can i discuss problems with the other people in the session or am i restricted to talking to the instructor?

interaction with everyone in the room involved in the session is not only possible but encouraged.

what language are the webcasts presented in?

all webcasts are presented in english.

what do i need?
an adequate internet connection, speakers and a microphone. all necessary software and course materials are sent by us.

how are we assessed?

a series of assignments are completed during the course. these demonstrate understanding of the materials.

what do the assignments involve?

the assignments are usually a set of questions, problems or calculations which are based on the material provided.  they are not designed to trick, merely to determine if the materials have been understood.

are there exams?

no, due to the difficulty in monitoring an exam in an e-learning environment there are no exams.

how much time do i need to spend on the course every week?

this depends on the participants� existing knowledge, but we estimate between 3 and 5 hours per week.  this includes the live 1-hour webcast, set reading materials and assignment.


if i am struggling to keep up with the workload can i get any extra help or tuition?

certainly. the instructor is available to help via email, phone or skype, and depending on the situation extensions are available for assignments if need be.  an additional one-on-one webcast with the instructor is possible, although an additional cost may be incurred.

do i need to have any qualifications to understand it?

this varies from course to course. please contact engineering institute of technology office for the requirements for specific courses.

are there a maximum number of participants allowed per course?

yes.  in order to maximise the benefit you receive from the course, and to provide you with as much interaction as possible with the instructor and other participants we do limit the number of students per course.  the maximum number varies from course to course. we also do keep webcast numbers to a maximum of 10 to keep interaction high. if we do receive a high number of registrations for a course we ensure that we have enough webcast sessions to cater for everyone.

do i have to start on the designated commencement date?

the commencement date is merely the date that registrations close. on this day the information packs and first set of course materials are sent.  the first webcast usually occurs about 10 days after this, once all participants have returned their pre-course questionnaires.


if i don't understand something am i able to 'approach' the instructor 'after class'?

yes, the instructor will always stay behind 'after class' for questions.  participants can also contact the instructor via phone, skype or email.

if there are hands-on aspects to the session are all the delegates able to be involved?

the hands-on sessions are performed using application sharing tools or simulation software.  only one student can do this at a time, but we ensure all students have the opportunity to use these tools.

elearning benefits - how elearning works - elearning exercises - elearners certificates - live webcasts - courses accreditation - cancellation policy - register for elearning courses - faq

if you have further questions about our elearning course offerings, please use contact form for course you are interested in, our use our main company website contact form.


please click your button after reviewing this elearning help page about our eit certificate program online courses.


scada and plc control systems course (main page)

scada and plc course outline

programmable control systems brochure & registration


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