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Centrifugal Pump Problems & Answers

  By Mike Sondalini  

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Vibration and out-of-balance equipment


When spinning equipment is out of balance. Vibration from out-of -balance rotating equipment can be frightening. The ground shakes, machines jump about, hold down bolts come loose and parts break. An unbalanced rotating body will produce forces on its bearings and transmit them throughout its structure and into the foundations. 

Keywords: rotor, centrifugal forces, balance quality.


Below lists some common causes for unbalance.

ball bearing   Bent or bowed between support bearings

  Overhung weight bends shaft under gravity

  Unevenly distributed solid or liquid inside rotor

  Loose parts on the rotor

  Eccentrically manufactured diameters on the rotor

  Misalignment of the drive train to the rotor axis

  Loose drive couplings flop about

  Loose tolerances between assembled parts on rotor

  Shoulders on rotor manufactured out-of-square to axis

  Voids or cavities within the rotor

  Misalignment of bearings force shaft to bow

The drawings below provide examples of some of the problems listed in the table above.

Vibration analysis

Continued in "Centrifugal Pump Problems & Answers" E-Book ...

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