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Electrical Training Video Library (10 DVD Set w/ workbook)$2997.00
PLC Training Video Library (10 DVD Set w/ workbook)$2289.00
Hydraulics Training Certificate Course$129.00
Constructor 13 Electrical Circuit Simulation Software $399.00
Troubleshooting PLC Control Circuits Training Software$89.95
SCADA Basics Course$49.00
OPC for SCADA Training Certificate Course$199.00
Modernization of Industrial Machines eBook$29.95
Automation with a Human Touch Training DVD$129.00

5S Lean Manufacturing Training Video DVD


Problem Solving Skills Training DVD

Micro800 PLC Trainer (ship to USA only)$399.00
Micro800 PLC Trainer (ships World Wide)$449.00
Centrifugal Pumps Training Software$149.00
Heat Exchangers Training software$149.00
Mechanical Seals Training and Seal Selection Software$149.00
Condition Based Maintenance Training Software$149.00
Rotating Equipment Alignment Training Software$149.00
Industrial Valves Training Software$149.00
Steam Turbines and Governing Systems Training Software$149.00
Distillation Process and Equipment Training Software$149.00
Positive Displacement Pumps Training Software$149.00
Oil Exploration and Production Production Process Training Software$149.00
Industrial Hydraulics Training Software$149.00
The Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification$47.00
PID Tuning Blueprint, Calculator and Simulator Download$197.00
World Class OEE - A TPM Tool Ebook$34.95
VFDTrainer Freq Drive Training Software$129.00
Rotating Equipment Reliability Excellence PowerPoint's$59.95
Business Engineering Ebook $19.99
Introduction to AB PLC Cables and Drivers Video $24.99
PLC Program example Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual - 2nd Edition   $99.00
Total Productive Maintenance - TPM PowerPoint $19.99
Reliability and Maintenance Management Training PowerPoint's $59.95
Enterprise Asset Management System Training PowerPoint's $79.95
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling PowerPoint's $49.95
Employee Training and Development with SOPs - 2nd Edition $29.95
PID Control Tutorial Download $19.95
Gas and Air Compressor Training $349.00
Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Course$89.00  
Process Risk Management Ebook $69.95  
Frameworks for System Engineering Reports Ebook $19.95  
Frameworks for Project Management Reports Ebook $9.95  
Frameworks for Business Management Reports Ebook $12.95  
Fundamentals of Software Engineering Project Management E-Book $29.95
ViewTrainer - RSView HMI Training Software $179.00
DeviceNet Tutorial Software $129.00
RFID Training Course Download$99.00
The Accuracy Controlled Enterprise white paper $19.95
Defect and Failure True Cost white paper $19.95
Japanese Path to Maintenance Excellence MP3 Audio Book $29.85
PLC Program example True Down Time Cost Analysis - 2nd Edition Ebook $29.95
Industrial Hydraulic Systems and Circuits Ebook $29.95
Operational Integrity Management (OIM) - All WIP Ebooks $39.95
Guide to Refinery Process Technologies (Second Edition) $29.95
Handbook for Machining Equipment Maintenance $29.95
Maintenance Work Order System White paper $19.99
An Organizational Change of Quality Management $19.99
Production Risk Management Using Equipment Criticality Analysis white paper $19.99
Business Strategy Management with KPI white paper $19.99
Employee Training and Development with SOP white paper $19.99
Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training Download $150.00
 Indirect Addressing PLC Program example $35.00
Emergency Diesel Electric Generators Ebook $19.99
Maintenance Management PowerPoint Presentation $19.95
Industrial Asset Management and Equipment Reliability $19.99
RTOL Chemical Test Methods$ 29.95
The Submersible, Sump Pump and Bilge Guide $19.99
Guide to Refinery Process Technologies $22.50
PLC Training course with CBT -The PLC Trainer CD set Priced LOW


ControlLogix ™ Training Software (CBT) $199.99
Helical Rotor Pump - Progressive Cavity Pump Guide $19.99
Belt Bucket Elevator Design - The SECOND EDITION $19.99
Performance Safety: Lessons For Life $19.99
Process safety management - OSHA inspection compliance audit. $59.99
Risk assessment and process safety management book $59.99
The CMMS Selection KIT (downloadable version) $99.00
Operating Procedures for Process Plants e-Book $59.99
The CMMS Insider's Guide e-Book $19.95
Risk Management with Fault Tree Analysis e-Book $19.95

PLC Program example process, plant & equipment up-time  150 articles on cd! all 150 practical asset management, reliability & engineering articles (version 2) priced low


plc program example process, plant & equipment up-time e-books on cd 18+ engineering e-books on cd (version 2) priced low


plc program example process, plant & equipment up-time in-house training program 30 weeks worth of training newsletters on cd priced low


pumping 3 e-book package. [reviewpump] priced low


pumping basics white paper.


bulk materials handling introduction white paper.


asset maintenance systems & methods white paper. [reviewasset maintenance]


bearings & lubrication explained white paper.


process control & instrumentation simplified white paper.  [reviewprocess control


cmms secrets white paper.   [reviewcmms]


safety in the work place white paper.


process & utilities plant hands-on white paper.


heat transfer equipment elementary white paper.


pump types explained white paper. [reviewpump types


rotating machinery long life basics white paper


metallurgy & welding in maintenance overview white paper


plastics application fundamentals white paper.


belt bucket elevator design, use and care white paper.  [reviewbelt bucket


corrosion control for beginners white paper.


centrifugal pump problems & answers white paper. [reviewcentrifugal pumps]


dust control equipment & methods white paper.


electric motors in use white paper.


the how to smash maintenance advisor e-book


the japanese path to maintenance excellence white paper


the true cost of downtime white paper.


silver best practice maintenance & engineering reliability training program  reliability training cd, simulation cd  and free maintenance war newsletter. priced low



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