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CBTs - Computer Based Training Software
Troubleshooting PLC Circuits Training Course CD US$209.95
PID Tuning Blueprint - Course & Software Download US$197.00
Bar Code RFID Training Course Download US$99.00
VFDTrainer Freq Drive Training Software CD US$129.00
Troubleshooting Industrial Circuits Personal Edition CD - Single User US$169.00
Troubleshooting Industrial Circuits Pro Edition CD - Unlimited Users US$495.00
Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training Software (Download) US$150.00
The ViewTrainer HMI  (RSView32) CD US$179.00
DeviceNet Tutor CBT -Level 1 CD US$129.00

V4 - Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Training Series (3-CDs) Personal Ed


The PLC Trainer & LogicPro Simulator (2-CDs) set

CLXTrainer ControlLogix Training Software CD US$199.99
Gas and Air Compressor CBT - Download US$149.00
Centrifugal Pumps and Troubleshooting Guide - Download US$149.00
CBT on Heat Exchangers - Download US$149.00
Mechanical Seal and Seal Selection Procedure  - Download US$149.00
CBM & Condition Monitoring Techniques  - Download US$149.00
Rotating Equipment Alignment Practice - Download US$149.00
CBT on Valves - Downloads US$149.00
Steam Turbines & Governing System - Download US$149.00
CBT on Distillation - Download US$149.00
Positive Displacement Pumps - Download US$149.00
Oil - Exploration and Production  - Download US$149.00
Industrial Hydraulics - Download US$149.00
Measurement Methods CBT CD US$99.95
Machine Vibration Basics CBT CD US$199.95
Bearing & Lubrication Simulation Training CD US$46.50
AC Motor Controls CBT CD US$119.95
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training CD US$269.95
The Lubrication Training CD US$119.95
Electrical Safe Work Practices Computer Based Training CD US$149.95
Plant Shutdowns Turnarounds & Outages Training CD US$319.95
Maintenance Storerooms CBT CD US$319.95
Gaskets and Bolted Flange Connections CBT CD US$179.95
CDs    (To be mailed (post) to you).
PID Control Tutorial CD US$29.95
Gas and Air Compressor CBT CD (Free shipping) US$349.00
Gold - Best Practice Reliability Training Program 4-CDs+5 books (Free shipping) US$399.00
Silver - Best Practice Reliability Training Program 4-CDs (Free shipping) US$299.00
UP-TIME All 150 Articles on CD (Free shipping) US$99.95
UP-TIME Over 18+ Ebooks on CD (Free shipping) US$99.95
UP-TIME Full 30 week training CD (Free shipping) US$99.95
Presentation Version - Electrical Safe Work Practices CD US$339.95
Power Point Presentations   (Download).
Rotating Machinery Reliability Excellence -  354 Slides PPT US$59.95
Reliability and Maintenance Management Training -  235 Slides PPT US$59.95
Maintenance Management Guide -  75 Slides PPT US$19.95
Maintenance Planning Scheduling -  229 Slides PPT US$49.95
Enterprise Asset Management System Training -  295 Slides PPT US$79.95
Total Productive Maintenance - TPM PowerPoint -  85 Slides PPT US$19.99
Training Equipment - PLCs    (To be mailed (post) to you). 
ABS01 Micrologix PLC Trainer w/Lessons (shipped within USA only.) US$289.00
ABS01 Micrologix PLC Trainer w/Lessons (shipped Worldwide.) US$339.00
SS01 Siemens PLC Trainer w/Lessons & MicroWin 4 (shipped USA only.) US$569.00
SS01 Siemens PLC Trainer w/Lessons  & MicroWin 4 (shipped Worldwide.) US$619.00
SS01 Siemens PLC Trainer w/Lessons only (shipped USA only.) US$360.00
SS01 Siemens PLC Trainer w/Lessons only (shipped Worldwide.) US$420.00
Training Videos - DVDs    (To be mailed (post) to you). 
10 Electrical Training Video Library w/ Instructor guide and workbook US$2997.00
10 PLC Training Video Library w/ Instructor guide and workbook US$2289.00
Introduction to AB PLC Cables and Drivers Video DVD US$24.99
5S Lean Training Video DVD (English) US$159.00
5S Lean Training Video DVD (Spanish) US$199.00
Problem Solving Skills Training Video DVD (English) US$159.00
Problem Solving Skills Training Video DVD (Spanish) US$199.00
Automation with a Human Touch Training Video DVD (English) US$129.00
Ebooks    (Download).
Modernization of Industrial Machines eBook US$29.95
The Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification Ebook US$47.00
World Class OEE - A TPM Tool  Ebook US$34.95
Business Engineers! Ebook US$19.99
Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition (+ Templates) US$99.95
Employee Training and Development with SOP Ebook - 2nd Edition US$29.95
Process Risk Management Ebook US$69.95
Frameworks for System Engineering Reports Ebook US$19.95
Frameworks for Engineering Project Management Reports Ebook US$9.95
Frameworks for Business Management Reports Ebook US$12.95
Fundamentals of Software Engineering Project Management Ebook US$29.95
Defect and Failure True Cost white paper US$19.95
The Accuracy Controlled Enterprise white paper US$19.95
The Japanese Path To Maintenance Excellence (MP3 Audio Book) US$29.85
True Down Time Cost Analysis - 2nd Edition Ebook US$29.95
Industrial Hydraulic Systems and Circuits Ebook US$29.95
Operational Integrity Management (OIM) - All WIP Ebooks US$39.95
Guide-Refinery Process Technologies (2nd Edition) Ebook US$29.95
Maintenance Work Order System white paper US$19.99
Machining Equipment Maintenance Handbook (Ebook) US$29.95
Q-Course: Quality & Organization Ebook US$19.99
Risk Management Using Equipment Criticality Analysis white paper US$19.99
Business Strategy Management with KPI white paper US$19.99
Employee Training and Development with SOP white paper US$19.99
Management Of Change (MOC) Ebook US$39.95
Purchase, Setup and Maintain Diesel Electric Generators Ebook US$19.99
Industrial Asset Management and Reliability white paper US$19.99
Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual Ebook US$59.99
RTOL Chemical Test Methods Ebook US$29.95
The Submersible, Sump Pump and Bilge white paper US$19.99
Guide to Refinery Process Technologies Ebook US$22.50
Helical Rotor - Progressive Cavity Pump Guide white paper US$19.99
Belt Bucket Elevator Design- SECOND EDITION US$19.99
Performance Safety: Lessons For Life Ebook US$19.99
Process Safety Audit Protocols Ebook US$59.99
Process Hazards Analysis Ebook US$59.99
The CMMS Selection KIT (Ebook + Downloads) US$99.00
Operating Procedures for Process Plants Ebook US$59.99
The CMMS Insider's Guide Ebook US$19.95
Risk Management with Fault Tree Analysis Ebook US$19.95
Pumping 3 Ebook package US$35.00
Pumping Basics white paper US$12.50
Bulk Materials Handling Introduction white paper US$12.50
Asset Maintenance Systems & Methods white paper US$15.00
Bearings & Lubrication Explained white paper US$12.50
Process Control & Instrumentation Simplified white paper US$15.00
CMMS Secrets white paper US$12.50
Safety in the Work Place white paper US$12.50
Process & Utilities Plant Hands-on white paper US$12.50
Heat Transfer Equipment Elementary white paper US$12.50
Pump Types Explained white paper US$12.50
Rotating Machinery Long Life Basics white paper US$12.50
Metallurgy & Welding in Maintenance Overview white paper US$12.50
Plastics Application Fundamentals white paper US$12.50
Belt Bucket Elevator Design, Use and Care white paper US$15.00
Corrosion Control for Beginners white paper US$12.50
Centrifugal Pump Problems & Answers white paper US$15.00
Dust Control Equipment & Methods white paper US$12.50
Electric Motors in Use white paper US$12.50
The How to SMASH Maintenance Advisor Ebook US$19.99
The Japanese Path To Maintenance Excellence white paper US$15.00
The True Cost of Downtime white paper US$12.50
Books in Print    (To be mailed (post) to you).
The Pocket Maintenance Advisor (Hard Copy) US$25.00
PLC Program Examples   (Download).
Indirect Addressing PLC Program example. (Requires RSLogix500) US$35.00

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