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Companies, both large and small, from all over the world use Feed Forward's UP-TIME Engineering technical articles and books.  They find that the more engineering and asset management that their people learn, the more it helps them to do their jobs better.   Read in the chain of e-mails below why the Coors Golden Brewery in the USA decided to purchase UP-TIME.


I receive many offers for maintenance publications (many which are free) and need to see what might make yours preferable to others."

Jeff Hamilton
Coors (Brewery) Maintenance

I copied the (free) 3 articles from your web site and took them to a staff meeting last week.  Our Asset CARE staff liked them so much they took them away from me.  One question before I subscribe.  Did I understand you correctly that if I subscribe I can make as many copies and distribute them throughout our company as I choose?"  (Feed Forward said, "Yes, unlimited copies for the one price with that newsletter product! Our other products like eBooks and software would require you purchase a site license version of such to have unlimited users.")

Jeff Hamilton
Coors (Brewery) Maintenance

Our Golden site is the largest single-site brewery in the world so we'll get plenty (of value) for our hundred bucks."

Jeff Hamilton
Coors (Brewery) Maintenance

Jeff Hamilton bought his subscription for the Coors Golden Brewery.


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How users in Brazil, Australia and Korea teach their workforce the engineering that they need to know with "UP-TIME"

"Dear Mike, 

In spite of the language barrier (we speak Portuguese here in Brazil) the flyer (Articles) has been and still is very useful to me, my engineer and supervisors.  There are very good topics to use during our training program."

Georges Chaoubah
Companhia Paraibuna de Metais
Gerente de Manuteno (Maintenance Manager)

Steve Molnar, Maintenance Services Manager, David Power Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia, an electrical and mechanical contractor.
"We have been subscribing to your flyer (Articles) for probably 2.5 years now, will continue to do so as I enjoy the content and so do our employees.  I (read) your flyer (Articles) regularly and then distribute the articles to my employees at all levels."


Graham Cole, Maintenance Engineer, Cable Sands Pty Ltd, Western Australia, a mineral sands miner.
"... the trades and supervisors/managers at Cable Sands have all appreciated the articles you have produced .... we would be more than happy to (continue to) purchase it."


Alan Bainbridge - Maintenance Engineer, Armstrong World Industries, Victoria, Australia - a building products manufacturer:
"Here we have 6 fitters and 1 sparks who all read the flyer (Articles) as soon as it is added to the binder that stays in the lunchroom. I have heard it used to settle arguments and bets, so please have no doubt about your target audience. Sure, not all the content of every issue is devoured by everybody but there is usually something for everyone."

"Dear Mike,

Our subscriber's reaction is that (the) flyer (Articles) is very useful and (has) actual knowledge (and) information which they want to get for applying (at) their work.  So I am very proud of (the) flyer (Articles) and, how it helps them more effectively everyday.

I would like to say thanks again to you about (the) creation of (the) flyer (Articles) for operators and maintainers."

JT Jeong
MTS Technology Co, Ltd.


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We could go on on but I'm sure you get the point. Customers keep coming back for more articles that help with real world problems.


Ok, just a few more ...


Karen Chew - Maintenance Engineer - Tiwest JV, Kwinana,  - a paint pigment manufacturer:
�Thanks Mike, We are all still enjoying your newsletters (on cd) immensely.  The topics are always extremely useful to us and we find the articles well written and easy to understand.�


Bob - Operations Manager - An electrical and mechanical contractor:
"I make 4 photocopies and distribute to my Works Manager and 3 Foremen.  They tend to circulate it to their guys to read so your technical items are well read.  Keep up the good work - it's appreciated."


Marty - Production Supervisor at a packaged food manufacturer:
"... gets operators and maintainers talking together.  It helps to break the 'them-and-us' barriers down."


Alfred Quadrio - Victoria, Australia
"The practicality of the newsletter (on cd) is the key to its success and its widespread appeal. The real-life examples backup the theory, but they also show that we are not alone in the problems we experience.  And if we don't have to re-invent the wheel, well all is good. ..keep up the good work."


E-Books: Contents - Abstracts - Shopping Cart - Why Up-Time E-Books?


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