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Why Asset Management & Engineer Training E-Books?

(Both 10 DVD Sets w/ Workbooks)

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Why buy 'Process, Plant & Equipment UP-TIME CD's or e-Books' ?

Employee training is a smart way to spend your company's money!

Develop knowledge and understanding quickly in ...



Pumping & pumps [1, 10, 16], Materials handling [2], Asset management [3], Process control [5], Instrumentation, Metallurgy[12], Corrosion control [15], Using plastics[13], Electric motors [18], Process & utilities [8], CMMS [6], and other plant maintenance and reliability fields.

Teach, educate and train yourself and others to reduce downtime.

Teach maintenance and reliability engineering to new engineers and people in management and supervisory fields.

Remove the mystery of how to control maintenance costs.

Learn to spot and prevent operating and maintenance problems before they lead to downtime.

Maintenance and reliability 'trouble shooting' guide for your operation.

Learn enhancements and improvements for your plant and equipment that deliver higher uptime.

Include a comprehensive collection of modern asset management practices, methods and thinking in your library.

Be confident that your decisions and ideas will work.

CDs and E-books are a condensed collection of solutions and advice on key plant engineering, process engineering, maintenance engineering and asset management practices and methods.