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The Transit Edition

With the new Transit Edition, Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System™ is now downloadable over the Internet with Cloud storage for your data, offering several benefits:



·         Download your training programs to multiple PCs from the Internet to avoid being tied to one computer.


·         Buy for the term that suits your training needs. Initial terms of 1 and 3 years are available with the option to extend your license at a later time for as little as $19.95 per year. (Software installed never expires, just cloud features such as upgrades, cloud stored user progress and free additional download access.


·         Your progress data is stored on the Cloud for easy access. No matter which PC you use, your results are available and you can continue from where you left off.

·         When the Internet is unavailable, progress and results are saved to a temporary location and uploaded when Internet connectivity resumes.

Support and Upgrades

·         Free upgrades are available during the term of the cloud license.

·         Access to FAQs and email support provided throughout the term of the cloud license.


Support for Administrators and Instructors

·         The Resources that accompany each organizational purchase of a Workplace bundle will guide you through the program installation and help integrate the software into your troubleshooting training program. Diagrams, tips and solutions to all the problem scenarios are included.

·         The Simutech Course Manager (SCM)– a unique Learning Management System – allows supervisors and instructors to remotely monitor the training progress of each person, separate groups and the overall group.

·         The Simutech Course Manager (SCM) also allows the control over course options, the generation of reports and the creation and assignment of custom tests.

Notes for Workplace Bundles:

  • Standard cloud License duration 1 year and 3 year
  • Must purchase a minimum of 5 Licenses
  • An instructor must purchase a license to be able to use the software. Price for an instructor license for a program is the same price as above
  • Licenses used by an instructor will not expire as long as there are active (activated but not expired) licenses in the organization.
  • Support, updates and upgrades are included for the term of the cloud licenses.
  • Subscription time does not start for each licenses until user logs in to software to use.
  • Software installation and use never expire, just cloud dependant features.


System Requirements

·         Internet connectivity

·         Windows 7,8 or 10

·         Video resolution of 1024×768 or greater

·         Sound Card

·         Mouse or other pointing device

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