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A 10 DVD set that also covers electrical safety.

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Electrical Safety

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3.performance management of safetyosha inspection guidelines Performance Safety: Lessons For Life by Randy DeVaul  (Ebook - January 2004)
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This 173 page Ebook is filled with real-world illustrations and real-world solutions in safety training that utilize performance-based occupational safety concepts. The author Randy DeVaul, wrote this book in response to much feedback while writing the first book of this series; 'Performance Safety: A Practical Approach'.

The author shows how root cause analysis approach used in engineering and for trouble-shooting in maintenance is also key in incident and injury investigations and performance management. As well as workplace safety, this book will aid in changing corporate culture while improving communication in the workplace. A must read for those implementing a performance management system. The book starts out with a mix of published and new articles from the author that demonstrate Performance Safety in use.

The second part of book is a series of toolbox talks for use with your employees. Employers who have purchased this book are welcome to use these pages for employees as toolbox talks or company newsletter articles as long as the copyright and author-credit information is included. If reprinted into a newsletter or other media format, the author requests a copy of the finished product in which the article(s) appears. Any other use of the material requires permission from the author.

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Bestsellers - OSHA - Fire Safety - MSDS - Safety Training - Electrical Safety - All Industrial