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  • Machine Down?

  • Production Stopped?

manufacturing engineering technical support Submit a question with online form or email, an engineer will be paged for true live 24/7 supplemental technical engineering support on all of your manufacturing equipment.

How it works: 

  1. $ Your company needs technical support help.
    1. A machine, air compressor, plant control system or any other plant automation breaks down. (ceases to function properly)
    2. You want to decrease project design and implementation cost by utilizing our supplemental technical engineering support.
    3. You want to supplement and keep current Technical training received on equipment such as PLCs and other plant automation controls.
  2. ? Your company request technical support help.
    1. You or your maintenance support staff contacts Business Industrial Network with basic initial information about problem (support request) and measures already taken in an attempt to resolve problem, if applicable.
      1. Employee submits via online form  that will immediately page our engineer. Or . . .
      2. Employee submits via special email address that will immediately page our engineer.
  3. ! Live Engineer responds with in minutes of your request.
    1. Our engineer Consolidates and organizes relevant information from our databases and other resources.
      1. Our Problem / Solution Database. (built by other customers with similar equipment)
      2. Our Database of Technical Solutions Databases.
      3. Online information through our advance search utilities.
      4. OEM technical documentation and customer service databases.
    2. With in minutes, our engineer sends the technical solutions and  information back to you.
    3. Follow up is based on your needs for that particular Quick Help session.
      1. Phone support may be necessary.
      2. Additional information may be needed by our engineer to provide a complete solution.
      3. In the event you have need for additional information we may . . .
        1. Submit your problem to our network of Engineering and consultant networks.
        2. Submit your problem to an OEM in your behalf.
        3. We will monitor and follow up on all 3rd party sources of solutions and information.
      4. Our Engineer records results of session to our Problem / Solution database.