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If you’re looking at this page for the first time, right now you might be thinking, “Wow! This is a lot of information.” You are right, but if you are in an industrial or manufacturing business, we have exactly what you need. Our instructor led training courses will help your business increase productivity while you lower your expenses and downtime. To complement our instructor led training and for your continuing education, we have an extensive library of proven, award winning training software and training materials; all at reasonable prices.

With onsite training, you receive the benefits of customized problem solving tailored to your equipment, your software, your processes, and your precise needs. Our entire instructor led, hands-on courses utilize a teach, test and confirm method with the actual equipment, not the less effective method of just presenting information. You can also take advantage of our offsite training near your facility because we have access to training facilities in most major cities throughout the USA.

Whether it’s onsite training or offsite training, we also assure that your people “get it” by covering all learning styles and documenting the effectiveness of the training. Your staff will gain confidence and higher morale. This will help you significantly in achieving your business goals and succeeding in a competitive market. Our training services help close the knowledge gap between OEMs and End-users.

Please be sure to bookmark this site (Add to Favorites) so you can take advantage of the many educational resources here as we are constantly adding new training resources. Below, you will find brief introductions to some of our training courses, workshops, training materials, and online knowledge bases.



 Onsite Training

You will receive value in our onsite training that is unique to the industry. We focus on the safest and reliable way to perform duties while minimizing downtime, teaching good work habits and knowledge that usually is only gained from years of experience. When you register for Allen Bradley Program Logic Controller (PLC) training, you have the benefit of scheduling for any shift, 24/7, and you save by our fees being based on the daily rate, not a per person rate like others charge. We also evaluate your business to provide customized onsite training using your actual PLC program in class.

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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training Seminar: 1.6 CEU

Choose Either Open Workshop or Training at Your Facility

Your downtime can get expensive very quickly, and it often happens during off times when your staff may not be properly prepared to deal with it. By taking advantage of our comprehensive PLC training at your own facility, we can provide the customized solutions you need to keep costs down, and production levels on schedule. Register today so you can enjoy the benefits of proven PLC training.

As an alternate solution to or on-site training or just to have a few of your employees sample our training quality, consider our public in 2 Regional locations ... Click St. Louis PLC training or Atlanta PLC Training for details.


SCADA Basics Course NEW SCADA Basics course using Siemens Automation - Take this course alone or as part of the PLC SCADA Certificate Course. This SCADA Course comes in the form of a 73 slide PowerPoint with instructor notes and a 86 question online test. Better than online SCADA courses, and only 1/6th the cost. Also includes industrial network security and link to free SCADA software for real hands-on training.
PLC Control CircuitsTroubleshooting PLC Control Circuits training software. Gain years of PLC troubleshooting experience in just days. Learn the PLC basics and best-practice methods of troubleshooting PLC circuits in a safe real-world simulation. The PLC simulator even requires student to use Lockout-Tagout procedures. Site license versions come with customer LMS that far out performs SCORM and AIC standards. Time, procedures taken, safety procedures and much more are tracked and reported.
 Programmable Controllers - Industrial PLC training video course
Alternative to instructor based plc training above, use our PLC Training Video Series (10 DVD Set w/ workbook). Great for those who cant free up schedule or budget for the above onsite training or public seminars. This Industrial PLC training video course has 10 DVDs about Programmable Controllers with video reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, master set of exams and course completion certificate. No prior PLC knowledge required, Applicable to all makes and models of PLCs.

  We also provide the world's best interactive real world troubleshooting training software. See video below that demonstrates our Advanced Industrial Troubleshooting Simulation Training Software.


Please see also our free industrial training videos and our Free on-line PLC Introduction Video.

Training Materials (On-Line, CDs, videos, etc.)

This web site has all the resources you need to make it your one-stop source for industrial training. It is one of the largest sources of online industrial maintenance management information available to the manufacturing industry today. These proven resources provide an economical compliment to our instructor led training.


 Pocket Maintenance Guide for your Smart Phone !!

Great for Kindle app on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and PC too.

Kindle Edition The Pocket Maintenance Advisor: A Maintenance and Operation Crew best practices reference book ... Only $9.99

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Industrial Electrical Training Video Course LibraryElectrical Training Course Industrial Electrical Training Video Course
Click above link for Video Library on DVDs (10 Certificate Courses)

10 DVDs about electrical control with video reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, master set of exams and course completion certificate. We cover the most critical and fundamental skills that your maintenance department needs to know. Electrical Control Circuits, Motor Controls, and PLCs. This 10 DVD set covers automation control with sensors and electrical components and PLC DVDs. Includes DC and AC motor controller, 3 phase transformer and many more industrial motor, power and automation control training modules.

Online Training Videos Online Skills Training Industrial Video Library Online Skills Training Industrial Video Library. These online vocational training tutorials supplement the maintenance courses with Mechanical, Electrical, Welding, Lineman skills and HVAC training videos and related industrial safety, to name a few.

IR Trainingfree online industrial trainingOnline Infrared Thermography Training

Take the Online Infrared Thermography Certificate courses and thermographer certification courses listed online, anytime ,anywhere. Thermography is used routinely for PPM, PdM and Condition Monitoring for electrical and mechanical systems, buildings and roofs, energy surveys, boilers and steam systems, and process equipment. Individuals and companies can open new doors, new revenue streams by becoming a Certified Infrared Thermographer® Why not start today?

AB PLC Data File Training Modules Free Online AB PLC Data File Training Modules

These 4 training modules are the first of our new interactive study modules. These four focus on memorizing Allen Bradley Data tables and types. Depending on popularity, we will create more on other topics the training module users recommend. .  free online industrial training 2 free interactive Automation PLC/PAC training crossword puzzles and a free online SCADA training one too.

Autonomous Maintenance - Phase II Special Discount - Autonomous Maintenance Training Program (Phase II)

Nowhere else can you get this type of Autonomous Maintenance Training Program for ALL of your facility's machine operators, maintenance and engineers for under $300. As part of your Lean Manufacturing initiatives, you can increase operator ownership of the process by educating them more about their machinery and how maintenance and engineering works.

educational prices available   Be sure and see our popular Workstation/Network Corporate pricing packages for site license of our industrial maintenance software by clicking this link.


PID Tutorial and Simulation Software Free online Industrial Training Skills Assessment Tool  - This Online Training Tool is great for your own customized industrial test and also has a growing list of industrial related online assessment tests. Category examples are risk, quality, safety, mechanical, electrical, maintenance, engineering assessments and more.


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lean manufacturing, plc training, industrial maintenance managementIn addition to onsite PLC training, be sure to take advantage of these free, but valuable, online resources for maintenance management and engineering professionals in the manufacturing industry.

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