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Maintenance & Engineering Articles in PDF format.



Below are Maintenance and Engineering articles (in PDF format) so you can download and read on any device. On your PC, tablet or phone. You can even print out if you like. Every week we will be adding more, so be sure to bookmark this page and share with your maintenance and engineering friends and associates.


maintenance engineering pdf articles

These maintenance engineering articles are just a small sample of the 150 included with the Engineering and Maintenance Training in-house Training Program


Maintenance Engineering Articles

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Causes of unbalance in rotating machinery.

(See spinning-equipment-is-out-balance.pdf )

When rotating machinery is out of balance. Vibration from out-of -balance rotating equipment can be frightening. The ground shakes, machines jump about, hold down bolts come loose and parts break. An unbalanced rotating body will produce forces on its bearings and transmit them throughout its structure and into the foundations. Topics: rotor balancing theory, centrifugal forces, unbalanced rotating mass, dynamic unbalance, static and dynamic balancing of rotating masses, rotating unbalance force calculation, unbalance vibration analysis.

A simple fault finding technique.

(See simple-fault-finding-technique.pdf )

A simple fault finding technique. Fixing plant and equipment about which you know little is daunting. Here is a simple way to help you successfully fault find failed equipment. Topics: fault finding techniques, fault finding methods and techniques, fault finding techniques half split, mechanical fault finding techniques, system fault, repair, specialist, trace, investigate, telltale.

Mechanical seals working principles.

(See mechanical-seals-working-principles.pdf )

Get mechanical seals working properly. Mechanical seals are used to keep the bulk contents of rotating equipment such as pumps and compressors from escaping. They do this by sealing the shaft that protrudes from the casing. They require quality installation and operation conditions for a long life. Topics: mechanical seals working principles, how does a mechanical seal work, centrifugal pump mechanical seal, mechanical seal basics, precision assembly, barrier fluid, stationary seal, rotary seal, alignment.

Grease selection guide.

(See Grease-selection-guide.pdf )

Grease – use the right one for the job. The classification, selection and application of greases. Greases are designed for specific applications and if used in the wrong service they will not be effective. Compare the properties of greases and check those used in your equipment are suited to the service. Topics: grease selection guide, grease selection pdf, bearing grease selection guide, types of grease and their applications, grease types and applications pdf, grease grades pdf, lubricating grease guide, base oil, oil thickening polymers, grease additives pdf, coefficient of friction of grease.

Continuous Improvement Method: Continuous education.

(See continuous-improvement.pdf )

The Continuous Improvement Method of Thomas Edison. There is a good chance you can make astounding changes and achieve incredible performance improvements from your plant and equipment. It can be done with the method used by Thomas Edison to solve his problems and make his discoveries. Improvements in the order of 20% maintenance savings with 100% on-time achievement of production plans are possible. The method is that of continuous improvement. You start by proving it works for yourself first and then, once you are sure it works you introduce it to your people. Topics: Continuous Improvement, continuous improvement model, continuous development, continuous education, higher education, adult learning,continued education, continuous learning



Hope these articles helped your continuous development efforts. See more of these articles (150) included with the Engineering and Maintenance Training in-house Training Program


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