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Lack of information is 90% of the reason for unnecessary down time in industry today. We give you a medium in which to get that information, when you need it most... when you�re down!


We provide a valuable Online Resource For Maintenance And Engineering Professionals In The Manufacturing Industry.
  • We are a member of and support organizations like SME and AFE. Check out the great resources on the AFE -St. Louis web site we provide for them. AFE is a great organization to Learn, Lead, and Influence in the industry.
  • Featured Articles and discussions that will help you be more productive and save money. We are your portal to the internet, saving you time navigating and finding OEM equipment information. 
  •      Process Mapping (we are starting an industrial revolution)

    We know how frustrating it can be to watch your maintenance budget waste away on repetitive and costly  band aid repairs. This why we built a web site dedicated to exploring the True cost of equipment downtime.  Click here to visit Downtime Central !


    We will give you the tools and information to convince upper management to authorize the necessary capital and downtime to do the repair cost effectively.
  • Participate in our cost of downtime survey, and we'll give you the information you need to justify that much needed maintenance budget.
  • Participants in the survey will also receive a free report on the "True Cost of Downtime". And access to the most comprehensive list of manufacturing surveys done on the internet.
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