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OEM Definition and Training

(We specialize in Allen Bradley PLC Training that results in less support time for machines and quicker start-ups.)




OEM Definition: Original Equipment Manufacturer - The machine, PLC and software vendors are all the "OEM".

Training Definition: Business Industrial Network defines "Training" as ... Hands-on, while evaluating at each step taught and provides additional learning material for continued self education. We do not consider reading a book, listening to a presentation, etc., "Training". We consider that learning, or reading, or listening to a presentation. :>)


OEM Definition and OEM Training Definition

Business Industrial Network provides on- site, customized Program Logic Controller (PLC training), for your Engineers and Start-Up Techs. By OEMs having their employees trained by us, the OEM's PLC programs, Start-ups and machine support will be more end-user friendly. The OEM's customer will receive more value for their money and the OEM will reduce warranty and start-up cost. This is yet another way we are responding to our customers needs. 

Action Required:.

1. OEM: Request a quote today for our PLC Training to improve your product and service quality while reducing development, start-up and warranty cost.

2. Machine End-User: Require that your OEMs employ Business Industrial Network certified engineers and technicians so you receive a more user friendly PLC program and less downtime during start up and warranty work.


Item number 2 above makes an important point. OEM end-users are becoming more aware that warranty work on their equipment is not free to them. It often causes them expensive downtime cost. And the end-users are becoming more aware of the "true downtime cost" (tdc). So by an oem having business industrial network plc certified employees, the oem is gaining a big edge on their competitors .


What oem customers are saying ...


1. Talking about plc vendor oem: "i took an oem course a few years back, but they went too fast, and taught topics i have never used."

2. Talking about machine vendor oem: "training consisted of looking over start-up technician's shoulder, and he went too quick explaining very little."


the training solution:

Two options: let us train your oem employees or we can training your oem end-user.


We can offer you a train the trainer solution, where our instructor delivers plc training to your start-up technicians so they can delivery the training to your customers on-site. We provide originals of training material so your new customer trainer can print copies for your customers you provide the training to. All training material is developed from an end-user's point of view, so your customers see you are delivering world class training with added value.


A second training solution for oems is to include our plc training as part of the start-up package to be delivered to the oem's customer. We schedule one of our instructors to deliver the plc training on-site to your customer. Not only does this solution add even more value to your customer, by having a seasoned trainer delivering the knowledge, but our reasonable prices will allow you to see a profit from training, not just a cost of doing business. Oems realizing that training can be a profit center is relatively new to the industry, but we first introduced it and implemented it in 1995.


(what sets us apart from your other training options.)

st. louis plc seminar  Some of our Training Equipment, we use mosly SLC 504's  Jan 2006 PLC Training  Free Training Handouts


Why on site customized training?


Our goal is to give your technical personnel the training they need to troubleshoot and maintain the equipment in your facility. Our training ranges from the basics for the beginner, to advanced training to aid your current technicians in working with new assets and technologies.


All of our training is Hands-on with actual equipment we provide, but we use power points as a guide and for handouts. Please click images below to see samples of PowerPoint presentation...

PLC sample1 - plc programing with rslogix plc5 and slc500 software.  PLC sample2 - PLC glossary for plc trianing use, and reference later.  PLC sample3 - keeping track of your plc programming and ladder logic files.

Please contact us and we will assess your technical personnel's needs. Our On-Site Training fees are based on the same cost effective, value added principles and are the lowest in the industry. We do not charge per person, we charge per day, up to 5 employees per class, any schedule, 24/7 and classes can be back to back when more than 5 need trained. "The Best for Less"


More about Training; as defined by Business Industrial Network

Our training standard (BIN95) uses what some refer to as 'Level Three', then our training improves on it to bring it to the 'World Class" / "Best in Class" level.

Our learning objectives are selected to be the most needed by recipients. (We do not overwhelm students with knowledge they will never use.)

Our method of delivery is always hands on, with work book and PowerPoint. As experience levels vary; we always provide extra learning material for use in class and for an individual's own continuing education. The instructor shows how to perform a task, then everyone does it, while the instructor makes sure everyone performs the task correctly. Then it is on to the next task.

We cover the three learning styles with hands-on, visual overhead, and the training CD has audio narration. (We always provide a training CD (and/or CBT) for refresher at a later date and continuing education.)

As the instructor test students each step of the way, the 'final exam' we give, is actually to evaluate the instructor's effectiveness. We call it a quiz and it is administered to the students. If the students do well on the quiz, then the instructor passed the test. If they where weak on a particular task, the instructor goes over the task again.

So in summary: Business Industrial Network defines "Training" as ... Hands-on, while evaluating at each step taught and provides additional learning material for continued self education. We do not consider reading a book, listening to a presentation, etc., "Training". We consider that learning, or reading, or listening to a presentation. :>)

To contact us please use the "plc training solution contact us" button on your left, or call during normal business hours at 702-625-7715

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For the individual seeking plc training, please see below.

plc training seminar:

AB RSLogix PLC Training Seminar

Business Industrial Network brings you the most value added PLC training seminar offer. We have had many request to conduct this seminar, so hurry and register today.

Click AB RSLogix Ͽ PLC Training Seminar - PLC5 - SLC500



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PLC SCADA TrainingOn-Line HMI SCADA and PLC Course 13 Labs, 12 practice faults, Instant Feedback and Evaluation, 8 SCADA Modules and you complete them all on your own schedule, anytime! This PLC SCADA Training Certificate program provided by Business Industrial Network is an excellent course for the maintenance manager and maintenance personnel too busy to attend formal schools or public training seminars. 4.2 CEU

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