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Allen Bradley ControlLogix Integrated Motion

Integrated Motion

Options include SERCOS and/or analog interface modules. Analog modules require the use of a removable terminal block (RTB).

Requirements for integrated motion include either an EtherNet/IP communication module, a SERCOS interface module, or an analog interface module along with associated cables and a removable terminal block (RTB) if analog interface is chosen. Also needed is the various drives, motors and accessories required to complete the system. These selections can be made easier by referring to the following tables.

Integrated Motion on an EtherNet/IP Network

ProductSelection Considerations
Drive that supports EtherNet/IP connectionsUnlimited Velocity, Torque, and Vhz configured drives:
Kinetix 65000 Drives
Kinetix 5500 Drives
Kinetix 350 Drives
Powerflex 755 Drives
ControlLogix ControllerUp to 100 Drives per Controller
ControlLogix Ethernet/IP Communication Module1... 8 Position Configured Drives/1756-EN2TR Module
1... 255 Position Configured Drives/1756-EN3TR Module

SERCOS Interface Modules

Many options are available by coupling Rockwell PanelView and PanelView Plus CE electronic operator interfaces with Rockwell Automation industrialized personal computer hardware.

Part NumberDescriptionNumber of AxisUse With Servo Drives
1756-M16SERockwell Automation
Interface Modules
162093 Kinetix 2000 multi-axis;
2094 Kinetix 6000 multi-axis;
2099 Kinetix 7000 multi-axis;
2098 Ultra 3000 SERCOS
1756-M08SEGSERCOS Interface Drives/Extended Pack Profile Compliant8

Analog Motion Interface Modules

Part NumberDescriptionNumber of Axis
1756-M02AEAnalog Servo Interface Drives with Quadrature Feedback2
1756-HYD02Analog, Hydraulic Servo Interface Drives LDT Feedback2
1756-M02ASAnalog Servo Interface Drives with SSI Feedback2


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