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GE Fanuc Series 90-30 CPU Racks

CPU Racks

90-30 Rack - This is the mounting plate upon which all the system components are placed. The rack consists of three basic elements: 1. Circuit Board 2. Metal Backplate 3. Plastic Cover. Since many systems require more modules than a primary CPU rack can hold, there are also Remote and Expansion racks that interconnect with each other. Each category of rack is available in 5 or 10 slot models, depending on the system's configuration.

Each Circuit Board is mounted to the Metal Backplate. The Circuit Board's leftmost slot is dedicated for the power supply. The other slots are numbered, (1 to 5) or (1 to 10), depending on the model. In the CPU board slot number 1 is dedicated for the CPU. In the Remote and Expansion boards the # 1 slot is available for any module to use, as it is in the embedded CPU board also.

The embedded CPU board comes in three models: 311, 312, and 323. Models 311 and 323 have 5 slots while Model 312 has 10 slots. All slots are available, since the CPU is embedded. They cannot be used in conjunction with Remote or Expansion Racks, limiting their usage to the slots available. Also, the CPU cannot be changed.

If the application requires more than ten open slots, a modular system must be used, consisting of a primary CPU rack and as many remote or expansion racks as needed. The CPU is always installed in slot 1 of the CPU rack. This rack is automatically labeled “0” in the system. Having a modular CPU gives the system the versatility of being updated at any time.

In a typical system, Expansion racks are used in close proximity to the primary CPU rack, with 50 feet being the maximum. Remote racks are used from 50 to 700 feet away. Each comes in 5 and 10 slot configurations, with all slots available for modules.



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