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System Integration Services 

From control panel design to PLC Programming to SCADA, a complete system integrator.

control panel design

(Note we no longer offer the design/installation services below, we are a training only company now.)

Experienced with larger mechanical integration projects, such as palletizers, pick and place robots, conveyors and other material handling equipment; but most of our custom control engineering business comes from electrical control systems.

"We believe that most of the quality put into a system is unseen.  There are many system integrators out there that can do a good job building an electrical control panel.  The panel is the part of the system that is seen, but it is only a small part of the system.  The real quality of the system is the design, the operator interface and the pc or plc programming that drives it." Rob Anderson (Senior Engineer)

Primary Skill Sets:

Electrical Design

AB PLC 5 Visual Basic

PLC Programming

AB SLC 500 C++

HMI Configuration

ControlLogix Fortran

PC Programming

Omron PLC Pascal
Control Panel Design Siemens PLC BASIC
Control Panel Building Modicon PLC Ladder Logic
SCADA Mitsubishi  PLC Pneumonic

Some of our past projects include ...

PLC control systems, PC based gauging systems, SCADA, production counting, direct robot control, supervisory robot control and palletizing systems.   We have also worked with batching systems, furnace controls and waste water treatment.  

Ask us about our small "standard" control cabinets! Their great for small test fixtures and error proofing machines, machine shops or small maintenance shop projects.

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PLC SCADA TrainingOn-Line HMI SCADA and PLC Course 13 Labs, 12 practice faults, Instant Feedback and Evaluation, 8 SCADA Modules and you complete them all on your own schedule, anytime! This PLC SCADA Training Certificate program provided by Business Industrial Network is an excellent course for the maintenance manager and maintenance personnel too busy to attend formal schools or public training seminars. 4.2 CEU

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