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Thanks FRancesco (Italy) for submitting the problem.


Problem : I am trying to interface a device with a rs485 port to a device with a CANbus, but I can't find the data sheet about the kind of protocol communication. Do you think that is possible to interface this 2 devices?


Solution : The data sheet will need to be dependent on the device supporting the CAN open protocol. (For example a device may have a "2" instead of a "4" in it's model number someplace, that indicates it only supports RS232. A "4" in this example would indicate it supports the rs485 protocol.)

Most of the current equipment has the CAN open protocol support for RS485 as it is much more functional than the RS232. Once again the manual for the specific device you are inquiring about would have to be referenced. The are also several converters on the market today.


Bin95 Gives you more:

An example of such a device is at ...

Quick Reference for RS485...

An array of CAN protocol links...


Thanks amjadmahmood for the info.


Problem : I have laptop computer and my system CD drive can't working on Win98 but only work on Dos prompt so please help me about the driver of Win98.Device drivers for Windows '95, OS/2, and NT operating systems are provided with the installation or setup software of each operating system.

Tried: I search Driver many sites and also at Toshiba main site but no driver are found.


Solution : Toshiba's CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives do not require any unique device drivers for Windows '95/'98/2000/NT. Device drivers for Windows '95, OS/2, and NT operating systems are provided with the installation or setup software of each operating system.


Procedure 1: [START], [Settings], [Control Panel], [ Add New Hardware], follow instructions on screen.


Procedure 2:[START], [Settings], [Control Panel], [System], select "Device Manager" tab, look for yellow "!" (exclamation), next to "CDROM". Right click, select "Properties", Select "Driver" tab, click "Update Driver" button.


Bin95 Gives you more: (Careful, right click, "select save to file" any files with "EXE" at the end, or you will run through Internet connection.)

CD-ROMWin98Toshiba Media Status Notification Update for Windows 9810xmsn98.exe


thanks shannon4freedom for the info.

problem : might you know (i hope) why i get so many internet script errors (line 2,char1, syntax error, code 0) on virtually every groups page i go to?

solution : well, i primarily focus on industrial machine downtime, problems and solutions. i occasionally moonlight in the pc area. :>) i try to never turn a question away.

script is written by humans, and they are seldom perfect especially with so many platforms out there. there is an option with internet explorer, that microsoft got literal with. you need to un-check the box labeled "display a notification about every script error" . the slightest syntax error will be reported, even if you may never notice an ill result in the page you are viewing. :>) to turn off (un-check) this option... 


respond to bin95's help: "thank you. thank you, thank you. although i seldom get script errors i get tons of them at groups and it has been a pain clicking the yes several times before a page loads. i was beginning to get a complex about it because friends i have sent to groups didn't have any script errors. some things are so simple to fix aren't they?"

thanks cimoore for the info.


problem : i have installed windows me over my 98. all seems to be ok except my golf program links ls 1998 won't run. when i try to start it i get a message saying i need a pentium processor. i have a pentium (cyrix 686 p200+) could you please help.


solution : cyrix 686 fix
download this if you are having problems running links ls 98 and you have a cyrix 686 processor. this file can be loaded from your autoexec.bat file so that it will be ran every time your machine is started.
released: 17-aug-1998 (2 kb)

bin95 gives you more:

thanks blu3angel3 for the info.


problem : i can not access my cd rom (toshiba infinia) drive e: after formatting computer. sure there is a simple solution. i have used cd-rom setup boot disk and still no good. since i formatted, can not use cd rom to get files on windows disk to help.


solution :a common paradox :>) the cd rom disk sometimes assume you have windows installed, and set your configuration files accordingly. as computer is booting up, press [f8] key, this will allow you to step through the lines of commands in startup files. you will be prompt y/n for each line in the start up files (config.sys and autoexec.bat). as each line is executed, watch screen for errors. you will then need to take action to correct each error you see. you may see "can not find c:\windows\commands\mcsdex.exe" the action you would take (using dos commands), make sure the directory exist on your computer and the file is in that directory. then you would re-boot, use [f8] to insure no more errors appear in your start up files. as long as your cd-rom install disk worked correctly, that should fix it. 


some helpful information: the config.sys file runs first, loading a driver for your particular cd-rom drive. example: "driver= c:\windows\ d011v109.sys" or "devicehigh=" then autoexec.bat runs, directing a program like mscdex directing it to that driver. 


example: "c:\windows\command\mscdex/d:toscd001/m:15 / l: e:" also errors that precede these lines in your config.sys file can stop it from loading, like "himem not found


 bin95 always tries to give you more, so go to for more cd help. for toshiba drivers see


thanks bin95 for the info.


problem : how can i print directory listings with windows 95?


solution :although there is shareware programs out there, the easiest cheapest way is noted here. open explorer, use pull down menu item to see more options.

thanks blu3angel for the info.


problem : have a laptop problem with battery. level states it id 100% charged and 2 1/2 hr. use time but dyes in less then 5min. when unplugged and powered off it flashes a yellow light the whole night long. laptop less then 1 year old and problem just started. really have never used battery power except when i forgot it a couple of times. what could be the possible problems?


solution :these problems with your computer fall under the power management section of the bios. since your computer is under a year it is probably under manufacture warranty. at any rate you need to call tech support for assistance. they will most likely have you download an updated bios file off the internet. this can be tricky installing the update, and is best done with phone support from the manufacturer.


thanks dpyoas1 for the info.       

problem : i need the cmos setting for a conner hard drive model#cp30344 a11122 6ft1.52 sg3 q

solution :cylinders: 665, heads: 16, sectors: 63, precomp: 0, landing zone: 655, capacity: 343.2 mb, speed: 4000 rpm, seek time: 13 ms avg. for more information see the spec sheet, or contact (vess or bill.vessells), he had a similar problem.

thanks wdtk95 for the info.


problem :need to free up irq5 on pb 486dx


solution : many new computers have an internal modem on com3 set to irq5, if this is the case, do the following:overview of resolving irq conflicts when more than one device on your system tries to use the same resource (for example, a specific location in memory), a hardware conflict results. this troubleshooter helps you resolve such conflicts. to use this troubleshooter, follow the step-by-step instructions.


if you prefer to resolve the conflict on your own, you can work in device manager and try the following strategies:

identify a free resource, and assign it to the device that is causing the conflict.

disable a conflicting device to free up its resources.


rearrange resources used by one or more other devices to free up resources needed by the device that is causing the conflict.

change jumpers on your hardware to match the new settings.


start the hardware conflict troubleshooter from win95 help will guide you through these things automatically. hope this can help you. i am guessing on the details of your particular problem.


thanks wdtk95 for the info.       

problem : i am interested in programming software such as "q basic" but can't find it in any stores. what is the next best thing out there?

solution : yea, q basic is a thing of the past. visual basic is a graphical application development system for microsoft windows that combines visual design tools with a powerful, general-purpose programmer language and windows .exe compiler. also if you have microsoft internet explorer (download for free) you can view a demo online.


thanks chitt55 for the info.  

problem : having problems un-installing cardware.

solution : look in the files that are opened with the command "sysedit", typed in when you click "start" then "run". removing cardware from your system requires the following steps: 1. remove the following four lines from the config.sys file: device = c:\cardware\pcss.exe device = c:\cardware\pccs.exe device = c:\cardware\pcenable.exe device = c:\cardware\pcdisk.exe 2. remove the [pc card control for windows] section from your win.ini file. (both the section name and the line that follows.) 3. if you are using a memory manager,


setup added in exclude statement for the upper memory blocks allocated to cardware. the default entry reserves d000 to d900 for cardware. you should remove the entry at this time. 4. remove, from your cardware directory, all the files (except for the three .dll files). include both pccard.ini and pccard.hlp, but do not remove the .dll files unless you can ascertain that they are not being used by another program. see cardware files. for a list of all the files. all programs designed for win95 have an un-installer you can access from add/remove programs/install/un-install.


thanks scorpio for the info.       

problem : games are freezing up, we think it has something to do with quick time although our computer says it has been installed correctly as well as the games themselves.

solution : please indicate what 3 new sounds like you already tried (re-)installing activemovie (microsoft, comes with i.e. 3 and 4), that re-claims the right to play mov files.


thanks for the info.       

problem : free-up irq 5 on a pb 486dx, win 3.1

solution : after several long telephone conversations with pb, u.s. robotic i believe the problem has been solved. pb moved irq's around, disabled the modem that came with the purchased software. u.s. robotics through several attempts to install their software, finally recognized that their cd with software installation was inadequate! sent new software (which i have not yet installed)(because i am leery of what that may or may not cause) i have another concern that someone may be able to help me with. i don't know if i should put it here or not - but here goes. i have access to software "the troubleshooter" i wish to use on my system to check out bugs, if any. does anyone know anything about this software, or will it also cause complications with this pb that i so sorrowfully own! help


thanks blueangel3 for the info. 


problem :could not run windows 3.1 would show screen and loop out, tried checking autoexec.bat and config.sys they had been changed by someone in office, ran backup to restore, did not solve problem. did a compare of files showed several files changed also. reinstalled win.3.1 did not work still looped out.


solution :     deleted window 3.1 and reinstalled works fine now


problem :i went through all the computer setup for linking laptop to desktop via parallel cable.what is the pin out for the proper cable?


solution :here is the pin out for win95 to win95 connection. excellent source of info at have all the info you need.wal-mart sells these cables for under $20.

thanks dcc for the info.

25 way d connector
25 way d connector


problem :with my dos games, i have to type in "c:\mouse" before they will work with mouse. is there a way to do this automatically?


solution :yes: type what ever you had to type to load your mouse, in to the c:/autoexec.bat file. use the command "edit c:\autoexec.bat to view and edit it. an example of the lines to add to this file is... mouse=c:\ c:\ for more help type "help" and enter for win3.1 or click on "help" button on the task bar of win 95, and then search for "autoexec".

thanks wdtk95 for the info.        

problem :i have windows 95 on my computer. the cd-rom drive door stopped working from the button on the door. it opens when you run software that requires a cd-rom and works just fine. i think the kids have messed with the setup and i cannot figure it out. i may have to get the manual out or worse yet call on-line help.


solution :if you want to check you software set up for the cd-rom, click on my computer and select the "d" drive. use the pull down menu "file" and select "eject". if that works, most likely your software is setup. in win 95 there is a pop up task bar, accessed by moving one of your mouse to one of the sides of the screen. click on "control panel" under "settings". click on the icon for "system", look for cd-rom, then set-up or options. if we have the name of your computer, and cd-rom there may be more we ca tell you about it, like special setup software that has been installed on you computer, that has a "disable eject button" option. although we have never herd of such.

thanks cpeters for the info.       

over 160 training titles online and even more as training downloads, for just $49.95.

online industrial training courses! click bin95 university

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