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Thanks: Joel of Portugal for using BIN95.      

Problem : hello...I need to communicate with two PLCs (Omron c200 to Mitsubishi c1j) without SCADA or other... can you help me...Where do I can get information ?

Solution : Did your see our article at ??

It gives you the basic overview with resources of networking PLCs in the first section.    

You could purchase any of the many hardware solutions out there like industrial network gateway/converters. Example:

 Although with this day and age, I would create a gateway via Ethernet. A more flexible way might be a product like Woodhead's DA Server providing an interface between all types of equipment and software.

Thanks: Trev D. for using BIN95.      

Problem : I need to create a backup of the PLC program on a Siemens S5 100u PLC before modification are made. What is the correct way to do this, i.e. what files need to be backed up?
The software I'm using to connect to the Siemens S5 PLC is Siemens Step 5, Ver. 7.12.

Solution : Please see manuals STEP 5/ST V7.1 [MANUAL], and S5-100U Programmable Controller [MANUAL], also page 42 of Working with S5-DOS/ST [MANUAL] may be of help.

BIN95 gives you more ....
Siemens Manuals
SIMATIC 505 Controllers
SIMATIC 545/555/575 Programming Reference
SIMATIC 505 SoftShop for Windows Rel. 3.0
SIMATIC 505 TISOFT2 Release 6.3

USA Seimens Sales offices - 

Thanks: Matt for using BIN95.      

Problem : We just took over a water treatment account with several remote DirectSOFT PLCs. Where can I get training, manuals and up to speed on PLC software? They said the DirectSOFT software had been updated, but it is version one.

Solution : Hi Matt: Nice speaking with you on the phone today. You will need to start by inventorying your remote sites to see which model of PLC is used at each. With your system, the odds are they used the same model at each site, but I would confirm. Let me know if you have any more questions. Hope to meet you in person doing a training session in the near future :>)
For PLC training see

The software is on version 4.0 now. :>) 32-bit application, requires Windows 98/2000/NT or Windows XP.

Following are the minimum system requirements for running DirectSOFT32 on a PC:
* Pentium/Celeron CPU, 333Mhz clock speed, CD-ROM for loading software
* Windows 98/2000/NT 4.0 or later, and all Windows XP versions (no DOS, OS/2, MacIntosh, LINUX or UNIX versions, or 16-bit versions available)
* 32MB free RAM and 11MB free hard disk space
* At least one unused serial communications port

Laptops: Direct SOFT32 is perfectly suitable for use with laptop computers as long as they meet the requirements shown above. Most laptops can be ordered with a serial port as an option, which will allow a direct connection to our Direct Soft PLCs.

If your laptop has a USB port, consider contacting your laptop supplier for a port
replicator, or Belkin Components at for a USB to serial port converter. If your laptop has an Ethernet port and you are considering a DL205 or DL405 PLC, consider using the H*-ECOM Ethernet Communications Module to connect your PC to the PLC. (The D2-230 does not support the ECOM).

The software for all model types is up to $495.00 these days. But if you only use one model type, the software can be as low as $99.00. please see ...
Directsoft PLC Programming Software

Software manuals at ...

The cable to attach laptop to PLC will be $20, please see ...
Programming & Communication Cables for PLCs

I wrote an example in Direct Soft with descriptors so you can see the details of descriptors best used in troubleshooting. Please see the plc example on our site at ...

Another page might be useful is

For general overview of PLC Direct/Koyo Now see their home page.

PLCDirect home page ...

PLC online manuals ...

Example programs ...

Troubleshooting Guides
Troubleshooting Guides

Thanks  : Joe N. for using BIN95.      

Problem : I have an IDC stepper motor w/controller application. I am looking to replace it with an AMCI stepper motor/driver with an AB 1746-HSTP1 stepper motor module. I need help with the 1746-HSTP1 program.

Solution : Assuming you viewed the examples provided in this databse for a similar solution below, we offer this further advice.

Use the controller Designed to operate with AMCI's complete line of stepper drives, the 3202 two axis stepper control module. It plugs into the SLC 500 backplane as a stepper controller solution to A-B's ContolLogix platform.

This way you will have the combined support of AMC and AB. :>)
If you have a more specific question other than programming example below or alternate solution to the 1746-HSTP1 we provide here, let us know and we will ask our OEM contacts.

Thanks  Yvonne for using BIN95.      

Problem : I am faced a problem that I need to link different type of PLCs (Mitsubishi, Omron, and I-dex) in a network and monitor them by using NAIS PLC. I do not have any idea how to start at all. Since different brand of PLC is having its own protocol, how am I going to let them communicate with each others? Can you please give me some idea in this situation? Or can you please let me know where can I get the related information to solve this problem?

Solution : Part of your solution is dependent on how many PLCs you have from each vendor. We have put together a complete solution page for you, you can view by clicking here. A summary is bellow.

The first step is to get all PLCs of each vendor type on their own respective network. (IE: Mitsubishi's MelsecNet, AB's DeviceNet, Modbus, Omron's HostLink, etc.) If you only have one PLC of a particular vendor, then you might consider an SST X-Link converter for that one PLC or an Ethernet adapter card for that specific PLC. (Example: you have 12-Mitsubishi, 6-Omron, and only 1 I-dex. Get converter for I-dex so it can rest on Mitsubishi network or use Ethernet to run directly to your computer software.)

The next step is connecting all of the networks together, via Ethernet. Depending on the details of how many of what vendors will determine other factors. Such as setting up a "data concentrator" (PLC or bridge computer) for one line or section of the plant. With only a few PLCs, you may decide to run Ethernet to each PLC and avoid the data concentrator.

The third step would be deciding your method of reporting data, accessing all PLCs, etc. Step two above has to be considered while considering this step. You may use Wonderware of some other prepackaged PC software. (More info below)

Bin95 gives you more...

All the resources you will need for the project.

Thanks  Tawatchai of wood factory in Thailand for using BIN95.      

Problem : PLC Omron Sysmac C20 in my wood working machine lights up alarm signal ( blinking ) . The machine can not run. What wrong with the PLC or other component in my machine.

Tried: . I have try to download the PDF manual from the web address you gave, but still not able to view the C20 manual download file. Seemed that the file download is not correctly download. I have try many times but still not work.

Solution : The flashing light on the Omron indicates the battery is dead or disconnected. This fault is a nonfatal error, as it will not interfere with the program running as normal. (Unless someone utilized the internal "battery low" bit.) Insure the battery connection or replace the battery (Type 3G2A9-BAT08), and if your program will still not run, you have most likely lost it.

If the error light was on solid, the first step of troubleshooting the alarm, would be to read what alarm number/descriptions it is getting. That additional alarm info would guide you to step two.

You will need an Omron Programming Console (3G2A6-PRO15) to access the program, or an Omron Host Link Unit (3G2C7-LK201) to use their software on a PC. This is not only to read alarm, but in case of battery alarm, you will need console to reset. If you do not have a Programming Console, you may be able to buy one cheap on E-Bay. Note: Manuals for the Omron C20s available for download at:

Since you could not access the large online PDF manual with acrobat 4, we converted just the page concerning Omron C20 battery alarm with acrobat 3.1, and emailed it to you.

Tawatchai: Thank you very much. I really happy to meet you. Well, the battery is 100% damaged. I examined that the battery is burn out as I can pull the wire out of the battery terminal easily. I hope that the program in the ROM still usable after I replace the battery. If all is gone, maybe I'll have to send to OMRON dealer to solve it, I do not own a programming terminal. Again I would like to thank you for very useful PDF sent to me.

Lastly, Thank you again for your kind useful suggestions. Your website is very helpful to everyone.  Regards, Tawatchai

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 Troubleshooting PLC Control Circuits training software.


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Need more SCADA and PLC training, with no travel cost? Please see ...

PLC SCADA TrainingOn-Line HMI SCADA and PLC Course 13 Labs, 12 practice faults, Instant Feedback and Evaluation, 8 SCADA Modules and you complete them all on your own schedule, anytime! This PLC SCADA Training Certificate program provided by Business Industrial Network is an excellent course for the maintenance manager and maintenance personnel too busy to attend formal schools or public training seminars. 4.2 CEU