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Thank you Farris for AGS, Australia for submitting the problem.

Problem : I have a fuji programmable controller MICREX-F, F80H/F120H series, TYPE FPU080H. I need to find out where to purchase it cable connection and the software to program it. Can you please help me out thanks!!!

Tried: scouring the web, found BIN95, of course! :>)


Solution :  

This is the best we could do. You should seriously consider hiring an engineering firm to convert the machine PLC over to a brand that is current and supported. Or face some serious downtime in the future.

Australian Rep:

A manual that may have useful info ...

 Main Fuji PLC site in English (difficult to find, but here it is.)

Hope this helps


Thanks  and for the info.       

Problem : I am trying to access an ABB ACS 600 drive through a device net interface NDNA-02 but I cannot upload all parameters.

Tried: Connections are all correct. DeviceNet software recognizes module so "eds" file correct No fault showing on scanner card.


Solution : Rockwell expert: "Are you using RSNetworx for DeviceNet software? Usually when it cannot get or set a parameter correctly it will generate an error message in the Messages field down below the graphical interface; that error message is very helpful in diagnostics. At what stage in the parameter upload does the sequence fail ?"

Dave: Thanks for your reply. I deleted all the "eds" files for the Abb Drives and re installed them one by one. I then reset the network, cycled power to the drive and can now upload parameters. The next task is to configure the drive correctly so I can give it a speed reference.


Bin95 gives you more...

Reference: Also try their US Site or Other US site, it is a new site, as of 8-01 still building it. 

Click here for Additional ABB contacts and here for Device net to drive manual or Device net to drive quick start manual 

Right click below to download...

ACS600 Hardware Manual 601 (1.6 M)
ACS600 Hardware Manual (1.2 M)
ACS600 Manual Supplement 607 (20 K)

Open DeviceNet Vendor Association  All about DeviceNet - specs., training, products and more.

Other source of communicating with drive… 

Ask your ABB vendor for these examples of EDS...





6/20/00 4:42:31 PM GMT


acs 600 standard limited.eds

8/9/00 6:19:01 PM GMT


acs 600 pfc limited.eds

8/9/00 6:19:00 PM GMT


acs 600 csa3_0 limited.eds

8/9/00 6:18:59 PM GMT


acs 400 limited.eds

8/9/00 6:18:57 PM GMT


acs 600 general limited.eds

8/9/00 6:18:58 PM GMT



8/9/00 6:20:20 PM GMT


acs600 standard v5.x full.eds

8/9/00 6:19:06 PM GMT


Thanks  and for the info.       

Problem : I have a PLC T100MD1616 from Triangle Research Inc. and a stepper driver 5210 from Sigma which one accept input for direction and steps. On my project I have 2 steppers ,they have to load/unload a CD-R writer, so they move in repeated cycles. My problem is how to write this portion of ladder for the stepper drivers. Any examples, or other help will be helpful for me, and I like to thank you for any help.

Solution : Triangle Research Inc.'s T100MD1616 has 2 digital outputs for stepper motors and will work good. 

Some Samples: viewed online…

For more information see Links-OEM on this site.

Thanks  J SCARLETT and zakria for the info.       

Problem : I have fuji plc model (MICREX-F)(FPB56)and I don't know how can I get the ladder for the plc which installed in a machine I mean, how can I get a tool which I use it to read the program?

Solution : J SCARLETT of INDUSTRIAL WATER ENGINEERING LTD. provides the following...

To handle programs from Fuji controllers on a laptop or desktop PC you need the following :

Software program D25 Emulator 

Hardware adaptor /converter RS232 to Fuji (with appropriate leads)

These items enable you to handle the larger Fujis such as F70, F80, F120 and above. To handle the F56H you need another adaptor designated FTM050 which clips to the front of the PLC to provide the correct signal for the RS232 converter

You connect the RS232 adaptor to the COM1 port of the computer and the software enables you to monitor the program (when running) download to floppy or hard disc for storage, or write/edit complete programs. Also the complete ladder diagram can also be printed out.

We can supply all the above equipment with full instructions for £1150 plus VAT. We also offer tutorials, for which we bring to site several demonstration Fuji and provide instruction in operating the software. (It is wise to become familiar with operation before plugging in to a functioning unit.)

Bin95 Note: No manuals online, but click here for Fuji Web site (American version) Also Mr Noboru Takada is the branch manager of Fuji Electric office in London

Thanks idamae1 for the info.       
Problem : I have an Omron Sysmac S6 CPU that I need help programming. My application is simple, but the Omron manual is lacking in information. I can have the PLC do most of what I need but without any consistent results. Here is specifically what I need.

I want to (on input from a limit switch) close output (12) for 15 seconds, pause for 5
seconds (to allow motor to stop) close output (13) for 5 seconds, pause again for 5 and
repeat the entire process until the limit switch breaks.

The PLC is operating a reversing contactor for a blower motor that fills a resin hopper. The
reverse portion is to "blowback" any dust from the filter. The two pause steps are to ensure
the motor has stopped before reversing direction.
Solution : All PLCs should have the ability to program in ladder logic, even PC based systems. Although the acronyms may be slightly different, with the help of a manual, you should be able to convert over Mnemonics for the simple programs. I was able to write the logic for this one using standard timers, with PLC direct software. Click BlowBackPLC.htm to see example of one of many ways to do the Ladder logic/Mnemonics. For manuals please see

Thanks ghachey for the info.       
Problem : Erratic operation of a A&B plc 2/17 on an acme strapping system. Input and output devices seemed ok. Module indicators and ladder log. indicated everything was ok
Solution : Processor card had vibrated loose from the backplane slot slightly pushed back in and started re-growing the hair I pulled out.

Thanks mheldt for the info.       
Problem : Could not tell if old switch was activating because PLC is sealed away in a box.
Solution : Put indicator, like on modern prox, to tell when switch is activating

Thanks DAVEFo28  for the info.       
Problem : Indiscriminate activation of the written program not in the right sequence that it was written.
Solution : The problem was solved by checking the limit switches that are attached to the pneumatic pistons. If the pistons are in close proximity there is a possibility that the signal given by another piston could be transferred to the next, so causing the program to jump. Or so it would seem. The resolution to this problem is to ensure that all switches are either screened or totally away from any other piston.

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