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Thanks Teresa of GP for the problem.      
Problem : Pentek Power Transfer Car 2 is sitting too long in automatic after pickup?
Solution :Advanced Production Control System calls for a certain length of material if believes (in accordance with the data for the conveyor lines) will fit on delivery line. The destination could have 80" of material. If the car brings on 60" onto bed "A", then it will delay for the next stack of 20" if the industrial storage line data said it has one or more stacks left. After a preset amount of time, if the industrial storage line still has not delivered that remaining stack, a timer will time out and the car will give up and proceed to deliver the 60" it has already loaded onto the car.

So if you have an incorrect inventory on the storage line (one more stack of an order number shown on workstation than is really on the line), you will see this scenario.


Thanks Pete of for the info.      
Problem :How to estimate how many industrial drives you need per foot of conveyor belt.
Solution :For a start, I would recommend you purchase the design handbook "Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials" from CEMA (The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers' Association). This highly acclaimed book is considered by many to be the belt conveyor industry basic handbook. It details subject areas critical to selecting bulk handling belt conveyors. Contains photographs of equipment, including line drawings, formulas, and easy-to-use tables. They are on the third edition. Most conveyor belt manufacturers also have "short-form" method.


Thanks Teresa of GP for the problem.        
Problem :Can not modify or delete an order from a line on our Advanced Production Control System industrial workstation?
Solution :This is common if the edit dialog box for that line is simultaneously open on another industrial work station. A lines data can not be edited from to different industrial workstations at the same time. Also try the "Delete All" button in the line edit dialog box, as this resets database for the line.


Thanks Greg of GAPAC for the info.      
Problem :Our Pentek Advanced Production Control System (APCS) was acting very unstable. It was causing our plant to fill up and starve out machines.
Solution :Actually APCS will "fill up" your plant do to many reasons. The first step is to view a downstream machine (converting) on the APCS work station to analyze why machine is running out of material.
You can quickly accomplish this by looking for red on any area of the screen associated with the line in question.
1. Is in-feed conveyor indicated as full? (little red square on upstream end)
2. Is the Power off to the in-feed? (entire conveyor red)
3. Is the PIOS in computer mode? (Click on little orange square next to conveyor)
4. Is the work available and scheduled? (is there any loads on storage same color as machine?)
5. Check machine schedule to see if #1 sequence schedule is marked "Ok to retrieve" or "Retrieving" (do this by clicking on machine, if answer is no, must schedule in KiWee)
6. Is storage line where #1 is located faulted? (Line number highlighted in red)
7. Is load to be retrieved faulted (Red square around load)
8. Oh yea, is car in automatic????
If you checked all these, and it still won't send loads to machine, we would say; " call your Pentek conveyor representative, there may be a problem with the system". Unfortunately Pentek is out of business, so call BIN95 (702-625-7715). We stay in contact with all the top engineers and technicians that used to work for Pentek. We even have contacts with the manufacturers who make the Pentek parts.


Thanks walnut for the info.      
Problem : On a Multigraphics 1250 10x15 we had the problem of press sheets not passing to the delivery consistently.
Solution : By adjusting the head stops so the instant the feed roller lifted off the sheet the stop fingers dropped. Timing is everything!


Thanks indcntrl for the info.      
Problem : D/C Motor Drive kept tripping out on I.O.C. for United Glue Unit.
Solution : The main Motor contactor for the glue roll drive was slow or binding up in its travel to engagement. Tried replacing contacts in contactor did not help. Also replaced D/C drive module did not help. Contactor was mounted separate of module. Won that chess Game!


Thanks STRCO1 for the info.      
Problem : Marquip cutoff knife won't hold length at speeds over 450 FPM
Solution :longview writes......Marquip knife, my first inclination would be to check the calibration of any tach's or servo motors on the knife (I would suspect that the rise in feedback voltage should be linear). Also most Marquip knifes have multiple drive motors (up to four) and if one or more aren't running properly you would see the affects most noticeably at higher speeds.



With high speed equipment, troubleshooting requires a lot of details. Of course the vendor on the phone would best be suited for this situation, but I think you might find the following info useful. If it is E-flute several corrugator modifications were necessary to run E-flute at high speeds. "Long-run E-flute is somewhat unique in that this sheet is a very long, narrow noodle like a Sheet of 30 x 115 inches and is difficult to control through the knife and stacker. To solve this, the stacker can be modified with Marquip's Sync-Vac double down stacker, which prevents the sheet from buckling between the knife and the entrance to the stacker. "Most stackers use vacuum deceleration," explains Art Burkart, marketing analyst of Marquip. "The problem is that the vacuum force is always on, drawing the leading edge of the flimsy sheet down when all you want is the trailing edge. What we've done is developed a system that turns the vacuum on and off. As the sheet's trailing edge is exiting the knife coming onto the stacker, the vacuum turns on. Then it turns off as soon as the sheet is decelerated into the shingle."


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