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Safety Circuits, Force Guided vs. General Purpose Relays. 

Article By Robert Anderson, BSEE has been removed as recommended to us by


Ironically they found the advice by Robert to be un-safe.


DAVE of IEEE commented on article that used to be on this page ...

"I saw a reference to this article while looking for an alternate manufacturer of force guided relays.  After reading this, I feel that Mr. Anderson�s article not only misses the complete point of why force guided, mirror contact relays are used, but also this information could be used to design a potentially unsafe control circuit.  The point of using forcibly guided relays containing mirror contacts is to avoid a single point failure within the circuit..."


We analyzed the circuit drawing Dave referenced and concurred with his finding and removed the article that was here. Sorry for any inconvenience removing this article may have caused you the visitor. We always recommend visitors to this site and others always review our company disclaimer via the link on the bottom of every webpage before applying or acting on articles donated by other visitors to this site.