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Robust Design and Problem Solving

 Guaranteed Improvement, NO UP-FRONT COST COMMITMENT

We use the engineering specialists NUTEK (US Govt. Registered Contractor: Cage/NCAGE : 3CF61), to deliver on-site application support.

Robust design methods and problem solving methods

Nutek consultants specialize in the use of experimental design technique to help you create ROBUST products & processes and also solve your complex technical problems. They feel so strongly about our ability to help you achieve improvement that they are willing to support you with NO UP-FRONT COST COMMITMENT. Nutek will work with your team and facilitate improvement projects with understanding that THERE IS NO COST TO YOU IF THERE IS NO IMPROVEMENT.

What Nutek does:

  • Work with your project team and facilitate planning session for experimental investigation (1 -2 days  onsite).

  • Prescribe test plans and describe how to collect test results

  • Analyze results of experiments and identify the most desirable design condition (optimum).

  • Present findings and prescribe solution (when appropriate)


How your organization benefits:

  • Gain application knowledge without investment of cost

  • Improve product/process performance

  • Reduce rejects, scrap, rework and warranty cost

  • Apply advance technologies & statistical methods without incurring cost.

  • Try a proven tool RISK FREE.

What you do:

  •  Your project team need to work with us (1 - 2 days) on project discussions
  •  Conduct prescribed experiments and report results (4 - 16 separate experiments depending on the project complexity)
  • Evaluate performance and determine improvement

Cost you incur:

  •  Pay travel cost for our consultants for out town projects (none for projects with Metro-Detroit area)
  •  Pay us agreed upon cost when improvement is achieved.

BIN11: Robust Product and Process Designs

NEW DEAL !! In these uncertain economic times, you can not afford to pass this deal up!

  • Guaranteed Improvement


Robustness is an essential characteristic for dependable performance. Robust products and processes perform reliably with minimum variation due to uncontrollable factors. Naturally, to assure consistent performance, the designs must be robust.
      Dollar for dollar, the return on investment is the most when design improvement efforts are directed toward the development activities. One of the effective ways to reduce variation in performance that potentially results in reduced rework and rejects downstream is to use the standardized version the Design of Experiment (DOE) technique proposed by Dr. Genechi Taguchi. This approach allows scientific professional to easily learn and apply the DOE technique in their own development and production projects. Today, robust design technique is considered a necessary effort for building quality into products and processes of all kinds.
      In this seminar Dr. Roy will take you through the basic steps in the Taguchi approach for robust product and process designs.  Participants are required to solve numerous hands-on exercises to learn how to apply the technique immediately in their own projects. The course discussions cover topics such as PLANNING, EXPERIMENT DESIGN, ROBUST DESIGN strategy and LOSS FUNCTION in details. Discussions of theories and statistical computations are kept to a minimum.
     By completing this course, the attendees are able to apply the robust design technique in their own projects to (1) Optimizing product/process designs, and (2) Solve production problems.

 Consultant: R. Roy, PhD, P.E., and PMP  

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Please mention code "BIN11" in all communications.

Why should you consider this consultation? Learn how to apply the techniques immediately to :

    • Optimize product/process designs 
    • Lay out efficient validation test plan 
    • Resolve technical & production problems cost effectively 
    • Build robust products, processes, recipes & formulations
    • Learn with hands-on


These courses offer information your people will actually use out on the shop floor. Great for Train the Trainer program too, request more seminar information today.

Who can be involved in this process?

  • Process Engineer

  • Product/Design Engineer

  • Project Managers

  • R&D Scientists

  • Quality Improvement Champions

  • Manufacturing Managers and Engineers

  • QA Manager/Director

  • Plant Managers

  • Production & process professionals, 

  • Quality assurance leaders

  • Manufacturing executives

  • Program managers

  • Production schedulers

  • Production Engineers

  • Development specialists

  • Quality assurance managers

  • Six Sigma Greenbelts and Blackbelts

  • Customer support personnel

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