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About the author page: Ian Sutton

A complete list of Ebooks by author Ian Sutton and his related reference material.


Writing Standard Operating Practices (SOP) Operational Management fault tree analysis   epa, fmea, rmp, and hazop help      Safety audit for the production process

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author ian sutton bio ...
ian sutton is a chemical engineer who specializes in risk management and process safety management training. he works for fluor daniel in houston, texas. he has extensive industrial experience in the design, operation and engineering of process plants. he is a recognized authority in process safety management and as one of the best safety consultants texas has to offer, and regularly teaches courses on the topic.
books by authors:  

Process Risk Management Ebook

The Process Risk Management Ebook - Ian Sutton uses methods such as risk tree analysis combined with process safety information to help you gain an accurate operational risk assessment. This 272 page HSE book is a must read for the HSE Manager and those studying process hazards analysis.

Fault Tree Analysis EBook (Revised Nov 2007)

This 63 page eBook provides a complete, clear and thorough description of Fault Tree Analysis. The development of a tree is explained, along with a thorough description as to how the tree can then be quantified. The eBook describes how to carry out an analysis, and how to build a Fault Tree from the top down. The major elements (Gates and Events) are described. A single worked example is used to illustrate points as they are introduced.

Process Hazards Analysis Ebook

Process Hazards Analyses (PHAs) are an integral part of any process safety program. If you cannot identify hazards then you can nether remove them nor mitigate against them. This book describes in detail how to run a Process Hazards Analysis, and how to effectively identify hazards. The book focuses on real-world issues such as the role of the leader, team selection,  writing the final report, quantification of risk, and follow-up to findings.

Operating Procedures For Process Industries EBook (Revised Nov 2007)

This 194 page book, "Operating Procedures For Process Industries" helps you organize while writing standard operating procedure (SOP) so as to produce a high quality manual - one that the operators will actually want to use. This eBook also describes how to write and publish the procedures as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Process Safety Audit Protocols EBook

This collection of audit questions addresses the requirements of OSHA's Process Safety Management standard (29 CFR 1910.119) and the EPA's Risk Management Program Regulation Title 40 Part 68.

Operational Integrity Management (OIM) WIP Ebooks

OIM is a business process management system that can be applied to operational risk management and process safety management. Industrial management examples with project deliverables. (PSM, HSE, RAM, Six Sigma, ISO 9000/14000). Ian Sutton is in the process of writing and publishing a five-volume set of books covering the topic of Operational Integrity Management (OIM). The five volumes are supplemented by examples of Project Deliverables and Checklists. 

Prestartup Safety Review (PSSR) - 4th Edition

The term Prestartup Safety Review (PSSR) first received prominence in the process industries with the introduction of the Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations. In the United States two federal agencies, (OSHA) and the (EPA) require that companies conduct prestartup safety reviews following changes to the process or the way in which the process is operated. This Ebook can be downloaded for free thanks to Ian Sutton.

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Citations and References

A complete list of citations and references for Ebooks and Books by Ian Sutton.

Industrial Acronyms

Acronyms used in Ebooks and Books by Ian Sutton.

Free Management Concepts and Ideas Ebook

Real world examples to to illustrate many of the concepts and ideas discussed in Ian Sutton's series of ebooks.

PICTURE Heat Exchanger Example (Figure 2 in Prestartup Safety Review (PSSR) and  Figure 33 in Process Risk Management)

PICTURE Gas Plume - Elevation View (Figure 38 in Process Risk Management)

PICTURE Color Wheel (Figure 32 in Procedures and Training in the Process Industries)


Other related books by authors: 

Performance Safety: Lessons For Life By Randy DeVaul

Frameworks for ... Selected Business Management Reports By Dr. Johan Gouws and Mrs. Leonie Gouws

Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual By Larry Bush

Employee Training and Development with SOP By Mike Sondalini

The Accuracy Controlled Enterprise By Mike Sondalini

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