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Technical Skills Gap 2018 - 2019

With the retirement of baby boomers, compounded by exponential growth of technology, the current technical skills gap is only going to grow. Unless company and schools adapt cost effective solutions for skill and knowledge transfer from the seasoned workers to the new workforce. The biggest skills gap identified in the educational system is practical  application of knowledge and real-world experience. The certificate courses below use simulations to transfer not just knowledge, but real-world experience and skills from veterans in the industry to students and new employees. (Great to supplement cross training of employees too.)  The two series of courses below are a very cost effective site license solution to help your company or school close that skills gap. Closing the skills gap that would otherwise be cost and/or time prohibited for your organization to accomplish.


Companies and Schools may also want to consider our interactive Mechanical Certificate Courseware site licenses and our Electrical Certificate Courseware site licenses. Low one time cost, unlimited users and installations, make these highly interactive certificate software courses, a great supplement to your in-house testing and training programs. Start closing the skills gap today!


Mechanical skils gap     Electrical skills gap

Our courses focus on more practical professional skills and work skills.