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Diagnostic code for your machinery, Allen Bradley� plc programming and technical training.


Quickly locate and monitor critical points of your existing RS-Logix� (Allen Bradley�) PLC programs with our diagnostic enhancements. We will analyze your machine program and use existing functions of the RS Logix� (no add-ons needed) to enhance your diagnostic capabilities. These tools will decrease your downtime while troubleshooting and enhance your machine monitoring capabilities.

Note 1: We highly recommend your employees attend our 3 Day Basic PLC troubleshooting training course. We offer onsite PLC Training and a PLC Training seminar for your convenience. Purchase the on-site PLC training and receive a 10% discount on our diagnostics enhancement service. Request a quote today while this offer last. Get your people trained on the advance diagnostics at no extra charge.

Note 2: All diagnostic enhancements are passive to, and will in no way change the existing ladder logic. Purchase our PLC Diagnostics Enhancements before you schedule us to perform on-site PLC Training and we can include hands on instructions on how to get the most out of your new diagnostic tool.

RSLogix Enhancements - Program File - Ladder Logic Symbols

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Advanced Diagnostics

rslogix plc ladder logic

Open each of your PLC programs in RSLogix� and click on the Advanced Diagnostics option (Shown in pictorial to the left).

Example below is a SLC500 program

The picture to the right shows a sample of how the advanced Diagnostics Dialog box will look after we add the diagnostics information to your program file. Your current programs may be displaying just an empty dialog box.

plc5 program

Example below is a SLC500 program

slc500 program

The pictorial on the left shows you an example of how clicking on the any of the sub-sections outline in the previous dialog box, will take you to a list of all outputs associated with that section of the program.

The window showing your actual ladder logic will always automatically navigate to the program section or output you have selected in the Advanced Diagnostics dialog box for quick monitoring and troubleshooting.



Additional Diagnostic program file  

RSLogix� Enhancements - Ladder Logic Symbols - Top

We will add an additional program file which will contain ladder logic to monitor and record history of fault outputs and other points of your program critical to troubleshooting in a timely manner.

 (Additional charge may apply for this service.)

Example above is a SLC500 program






Symbols to aid in search and programming

RSLogix� Enhancements - Program File- Top

We will add Symbols to your primary inputs and outputs to further reduce time troubleshooting and understanding your PLC programs. A "Symbol" is a word description of and interchangeable with PLC addresses.

No more having to remember or lookup meaningless addresses. If you want to search for, or insert a contact for the "Auto Lamp", instead of typing "B50:2/7" for example, you would just have to type "auto lamp". That makes a lot more sense.



Your Symbol will be highlighted above contact address for easy learning. (See rung below )

World Class companies like Amgen (A FDA regulated company) and BNFL (A DOE contractor) have used our service. Why aren't you?

We can usually add all the above functionality to a well descriptored PLC program for $800. PLC Programs with little or no descriptors usually can be upgraded for $1600. Please email us a copy of your program for a quote on adding this Diagnostics Package. (Please, only those serious about considering the upgrade need request a quote.)

Please complete contact information by clicking here

Then email the program (s) to

Subject: RFQ AB� PLC upgrade

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$ 800 USA

If you have any questions, please call 702-625-7715 or use the contact form.

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