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PLC ST Programming CourseOnline ST programming courseOnline PLC Structured Text Programming Training

This Online PLC Structured Text Programming Basics Course (using PLC simulator) covers all the basic ST instructions to prepare you for structured text programming RSLogix 5000. A must for the process automation engineer and maintenance. First the course walks you through the PAC/PLC Simulator Codesys tutorials (Codesys structured text and Codesys visualization). Note the PLC structure of the Codesys simulator is that of a PAC (like RSLogix5000), which is a Process Automation Controller. So are you ready to start out in PAC programming? Course never expires, so makes a great reference and refresher for later on!
IR TrainingOnline Infrared Thermography Training
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Take the Infrared Thermography Certificate courses and thermographer certification courses listed online, anytime. Thermography is used routinely for PPM, PdM and Condition Monitoring for electrical and mechanical systems, buildings and roofs, energy surveys, boilers and steam systems, and process equipment. Individuals and companies can open new doors, new revenue streams by becoming a Certified Infrared ThermographerŪ Why not start today?
Online PLC SCADA Training On-Line HMI SCADA and PLC Course 13 Labs, 12 practice faults, Instant Feedback and Evaluation, 8 SCADA Modules and you complete them all on your own schedule, anytime! This PLC SCADA Training Certificate program provided by Business Industrial Network is an excellent course for the maintenance manager and maintenance personnel too busy to attend formal schools or public training seminars. 4.2 CEU
Online Maintnance Training Online Industrial Maintenance Training 12 separate industrial maintenance courses, and growing. There is non-industry specific online courses like 'Condition Based Maintenance course', one on hydraulics, another on compressors, a couple on pumps. Another on seals, one on motor and shaft alignment, etc.

There are also some that are industry specific like oil exploration and production, Distillation, steam turbines, etc. Sold per user with 60 days access. Certificate of completion emailed upon completion.
Motor Starter Electrical Training Online Motor Starter Electrical Training.
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This online Motor Starter electrical training course covers magnetic contactors, motor starter wiring diagram, overload definition, MMP and types of starters.  (certificate program)
Protection Relay Training Online Protection Relay Training.
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This online Protection Relay training course covers the essential features, functions and benefits of Induction Disc, Solid State and Microprocessor Based Protective relays.  (certificate program)
MCC Electrical Training Online MCC Electrical Training.
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This MCC electrical training covers the moor control center basics. Training module is designed to familiarize students from beginner or expert with the details of basic MCC controls and design, and retrofitting vintage motor control centers.   (certificate program)
VFD BasicsOnline VFD Basics Certificate Course
Click above link for online VFD course

Variable Frequency Drive Essential, is a VFD training online certificate course where you learn how VFD motor control works and other essentials. The online course is designed to familiarize students from beginner or expert with the essential VFD types, features, functions and benefits of them. (certificate program)
Foundation Fieldbus Basics CourseFoundation Fieldbus Basics Course.
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This Fieldbus training course covers the Fieldbus basics, but also includes all the leading Fieldbus protocols that you must know including FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus PA, HART and ASibus.  (certificate program)
Bar Code to RFID CD Based TrainingRFID CD Based Training
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Experience the world's first CD based training about RFID Bar Code , which makes it very easy for you to understand all about RFID technology in the comfort of your home or office. This CD based training is all about RFID (radio frequency identification technology), including Bar Code RFID.

Hazardous Area Instrumentation Safety Training Material

Hazardous Area Instrumentation
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The most comprehensive of all hazardous areas safety training courses. The safety training material in this training download includes contemporary topics like "Fieldbus in hazardous areas" too. Version for use with LMS systems for corporate/ multi location/multiple user clients and available in SCORM compatible or AICC compatible versions.
Power and Utilities training360 Online Training, Power Plant and Utilities. Includes NERC continuing education and certification exam prep. Other main categories generation, transmission and distribution. (7402 - Steam Production currently the most popular course in this field.)
EHS_Banner5360 Online EHS Training & OSHA Training. Includes Occupational Health & Safety Training (OSHA) and Environmental Health and Safety Training (EHS). Plus Online Workplace Safety Videos and Mine Safety Training (MSHA Part 46). Also Canadian and Spanish versions available. (NFPA 70E Electrical Safety-Arc Flash Safety training and HAZWOPER OSHA Training currently the most popular courses in this field.) (Also click Online Forklift Training to go directly to that training.)
HVAC Contractor CE360 Online HVAC Training. Includes 40+ online Engineering PDH courses (select by state requirement), 40+ online HVAC Contractor and Technician Continuing Education courses, and 30+ NATE courses.
Industrial Skills360 More Online Industrial Training for maintenance. 87 more mechanical courses, 34 more industrial electricity courses, 15 more electrical courses. And more, like 28 building maintenance and management, 20 warehousing, 10 water treatment and more.

Free online industrial training course - AB PLC Data FilesFree Online Industrial Training Course!

Click Allen Bradley PLC Data Files Now.


See also: 2 free interactive Automation PLC/PAC training and a SCADA Training crossword puzzles


PLC networking basics course

Free on-line PLC Networking Basics Course Consist of 4 interactive videos, a PowerPoint with instructor notes and an online quiz.

PLC source sinkFree on-line PLC Source Sink Course Consist of 4 interactives, a  videos, a PowerPoint with instructor notes and an online quiz.
Studio 5000 tutorialFree on-line Studio 5000 tutorial This one goes over the PAC controller programming project and task.
PLC sensor technologyNEW: Free on-line Sensor technology course A very brief overview of sensor technology for the 3 most common sensor types used in industry.