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Autonomous Maintenance Reliability Training Program

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A Best Practice Maintenance & Engineering Reliability Training Program

Reliability Training Program


This Reliability Engineering Training (updated May 2019), is very much needed for Lean manufacturing operators and maintenance, as it helps learners to understand the equipment in process and manufacturing companies and also various factors that are required to be adopted in this process. The machine operator are the core aspect of lean manufacturing and plays a major role in producing machinery products thus he or she should be well trained and familiar with all techniques to make production higher. Besides, machine operators are also concerned about equipment maintenance reliability training.


An important TPM step (by Kunio Shirose) common in Lean manufacturing programs, is to perform autonomous maintenance. Autonomous maintenance is obtained by education and training of equipment operators on their equipment and maintenance practices. While the first 7 steps of autonomous maintenance focus on general overview and planning, this Autonomous Maintenance Reliability Training Level 2 Program concentrates on more detailed equipment and maintenance training in plain words that even non-maintenance personnel can learn from.


Printing these training newsletters for machine operators helps them better understand how the equipment and maintenance engineering works. Bring your Operators and facility up to Autonomous Maintenance Level 2! This training creates greater ownership of production process by operators.


You are encouraged to share the training newsletters and articles in this TPM program with all your operators, maintenance and engineering. So only one purchase per physical facility is required. Nowhere else can you find 30 weeks of maintenance and reliability training for all employees for less than $159.  Training for everyone in the facility for less than $6 per Week!


Great for cross-training of maintenance and engineering personnel too! All employees understanding the equipment and the role of maintenance is the key to Autonomous Maintenance and world-class performance.


Educational Institutions: We would like to provide educational maintenance newsletters (30) and articles (150) below, free to your staff and students. Please contact us if interested. This will give them additional real-world practical knowledge and experience at no cost to your institution. Students: If you would like access to both for free, have your educational institution contact us to request free copies for you and all the students. Thanks


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TOPICS LIST & Category



Checklist and Article Titles List Title Category
Bucket Elevator Design Notes Bucket Elevator
Protecting bearings in dusty places. Bulk Materials
Changing the service duty of a pump. Fluid Mechanics
Flange bolting-up practices. Plant Engineering
Open trickle chutes for wet and sticky products. Bulk Materials
Maintenance costs capital moneys. Asset Management
Tracking large rotating equipment. Bulk Materials
Ultrasonic level detectors - Consider these experiences. Instrumentation
Chemical corrosion. Chemistry
Shaft sealing with a packed gland. Pumping
Some quality paradigms are expensive. Asset Management
Rotating tyre and trunnion wear. Bulk Materials
Bitumen roadway repairs. Civil Engineering
Grease - use the right one for the job. Lubrication
Fault finding techniques. Maintenance
The continuous improvement of Thomas Edison. Asset Management
Vibration and out-of-balance equipment. Mechanics
Get mechanical seals working properly. Pumping
Effects of running centrifugal pumps on the right end of the pump curve. Pumping
Pressure equipment inspections. Process Equipment
Net positive suction head. Pumping
How control valves operate. Process Control
Bridging in silos and hoppers. Bulk Materials
Glued and applied coatings. Chemistry
Vibration and its control. Mechanics
Corrosion in agitated conditions. Process Equipment
Keep gearboxes running. Mechanics
The importance of fit, tolerance and clearance. Maintenance
Bucket elevator experiences. Bulk Materials
Preheat for welds and when to apply it. Welding
Can your spare parts be made locally? Maintenance
Failure analysis of gearbox, fan, bearing & shaft. Asset Management
Planning maintenance well. Asset Management
Job types on work orders. Maintenance
Isolation valves for different chemical services. Process Equipment
Polyethylene - its properties and uses. Plastics
Performance reviews. Man Management
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling. Maintenance
Valuable secrets in every work order report. Maintenance
Welding plastics. Plastics
Making stairs, walkways and platforms. Plant Engineering
Radar level detectors. Instrumentation
Agitator shafts steady bearing problems. Process Equipment
Job descriptions tell tradesmen what to do. Maintenance
Heating liquids by steam sparging. Process Equipment
Separation and segregation of dangerous goods. Safety
Differential pressure transmitters. Instrumentation
Magnetic drive (magdrive) pump experiences. Pumping
Equipment identification tags save time. Maintenance
Sizing pipelines easily. Fluid Mechanics
Confined space entry practices. Safety
Magnetic flow meters. Instrumentation
Angular contact bearing use. Machinery
Preventive maintenance stops breakdowns. Maintenance
Fiberglass construction and repairs. Process Equipment
Shaft alignment on pumps. Pumping
Control systems can trick operators. Process Control
Shaft coupling selection issues. Machinery
Use written work instructions. Maintenance
Centrifugal pump cavitations. Pumping
Stress in metals. Metallurgy
Pneumatic actuator experiences. Pneumatics
Locating pressure relief valves. Process Equipment
Use words on work orders instead of code numbers. Maintenance
How fluid flows in pipes. Fluid Mechanics
Equipment and plant layout for improved maintenance. Maintenance
Capacitance level probes. Instrumentation
Spherical roller bearing use. Machinery
Watch keeping - added value from operators. Maintenance
Bronze - use the right one in the right place. Metallurgy
Converting bearings from oil bath to greased lubrication. Machinery
Temperature sensing elements. Instrumentation
Changing out dust collector bags. Bulk Materials
Components of an effective maintenance system. Maintenance
Electric motor problems. Electrical
Pulse jet dust collectors. Bulk Materials
Plastic air pipelines for instruments and control valves. Pneumatics
Peristaltic (Hose) pump problems. Pumping
Have good valve decontamination practices. Safety
Metal corrosion basics. Chemistry
Vee-belt drives. Machinery
Water hammer and its control. Fluid Mechanics
Helical rotor pumps - benefits and limitations. Pumping
Predictive maintenance - the way of the future. Maintenance
Vertical bulk liquid steel storage tanks. Process Equipment
Metal fatigue failure. Metallurgy
Proximity switches. Process Control
Chain drives. Machinery
How accounting policies affect maintenance costs. Maintenance
Safety shower installation. Safety
Cooling tower design, operation and use. Process Equipment
Static electricity basics. Electrical
How O-rings work. Hydraulics
What is Life cycle costing? Plant Engineering
Steam trap operation and selection. Plant Engineering
Hazardous areas for dusts and flammables. Electrical
Using pH meters. Instrumentation
Sealing threaded connections properly. Plant Engineering
Air Compressor Operation & Care Plant Engineering
Heat Exchanger Design & Use Thermodynamics
Job Safety on Hazardous & Dangerous Work Safety
Process Logic Controller (PLC) Basics Process Control
Centrifugal Pump Life Extension - The Volute Pumping
Gear Pump operation and maintenance Pumping
Reducing wear in abrasive conditions Bulk Materials
Tools to Focus on Plant Reliability Maintenance
Using Liquid Manometers for Measuring Pressure Fluid Mechanics
Oil - How clean does it have to be? Lubrication
Spread Forces through Equipment & Reduce Breakdowns Mechanics
Cyclone Separators - Low Cost Particle Removal Bulk Materials
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) - What is it? Maintenance
Electrical Motor Current Protection Saves Your Plant Process Control
Setup Tank Agitators Gearboxes for a Long-life at Low Cost. Process Equipment
Holiday Detection in Above-ground Tank Bottom Lining Inspection. Process Equipment
Root Cause Analysis Answers Your Problems Maintenance
Control Loops - Masters of Automatic Control Process Control
Gluing Plastic Pipes so You Can Trust Them Plastics
Is your wet scrubbing tower working? Process Equipment
Metering & Dosing pump Operation Process Equipment
Flow Meters - Don�t ever believe what they tell you Instrumentation
Plant Compressed air waste reduction Pneumatics
Non-destructive testing of welds Welding
Dust control concepts Bulk Materials
Electric motor variable speed drives operation Process Control
Rolling bearing vibration detection Condition Monitoring
Rotating shafts under bending stress Strength of Materials
The Big Bang - Starting and stopping equipment under load. Mechanics
Orifice plate flow meter measurement Instrumentation
6 Secrets of trouble-free lubrication success Lubrication
Moving slurries about Pumping
Belt conveyor tuning Bulk Materials
Effect of process changes on electric motors Process Control
Pump life extension - the impeller Pumping
Heat Transfer Basics Thermodynamics
Fired Packaged Boiler Basics Boilers
Conductivity meter operation & use Process Control
Lubrication cleanliness & filtration Lubrication
The 9 great benefits of a CMMS Asset Management
Mechanical level sensor types and use. Instrumentation
Membrane and leaf filtration overview. Process Equipment
Dust bag selection for bag houses. Bulk Materials
Tracking belts on elevators and conveyors. Bulk Materials
Budgets - what to do and how to use them. Asset Management


Plus topics covered in the 20 eBook included in this bundle ...

Do-it-yourself reliability Training Newsletters
"The Maintenance Bible"
(150 best practice
20 best practice
Best practices manufacturing
Bearing Lubrication


"A library you can quickly search and print on demand!"


Lean Manufacturing can be described as a method to reduce the waste of materials and make businesses more profitable. It is a cost-effective method, applied for full utilization of raw materials with less waste and also known for creating a less time-consuming process. Lean is a very popular term that involves a production method introduced by Toyota out of a desire to emphasize the reduction of extra expenses in any organization and manufacturing companies. In nutshell, it is an important methodology that is applied by any company to make its resources highly efficient, to increase the production capacity and earn maximum profit.

What the users have said about the training program?

Jeff Hamiton, Coors (Brewery)
Maintenance, USA

I copied the 3(free) flyers from your web site and took them to a staff meeting last week. Our Asset CARE Staff liked them so much they took them away from me. One question - did I understand you correctly. I can make as many copies and distribute them throughout our company as I choose?

Steve Molnar, Maintenance Services
Manager, David Power Pty Ltd

We have been subscribing to your flyer (Articles) for probably 2.5 years now, will continue to do as i enjoy the content and so do our employee. I(read) your flyer(Articles) regularly and then distribute the articles to my employees at all levels.



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