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Protection Relay Online Certificate Course


Prod #:  TS-2601-Protection-Relay-Basics  (1.5hr)

Protection Relay Basics Course:
This online training module; Protection Relays Basics is a 1.5 hour online training certificate course covering common application of overcurrent protection, types of relay ( interposing relay circuit, differential, potential , overvoltage) including solid state relays and microprocessor based. It also covers power system, transformer protection protection and zone of protection. This training module is designed to familiarize the student whether beginner or expert with the essential features, functions and benefits of Induction Disc, Solid State and Microprocessor Based Protective relays.

overcurrent protection relay


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be qualified to:

☑ Understand the Features of All Protective Relays
☑ Identify the Components of Protection Relays
☑ Identify the Types of Relay (Protective)
☑ Recognize Issues and Resources
☑ Understand Functions of Protection Relays
☑ Know Protective Relay Applications
☑ Understand IEEE Device Numbers
☑ Recognize the Key Protection Relay Selection Factors

Protection Relay Basics Outline:

This online Protective Relay Essentials certificate course is based on the book "Applied Protective Relaying" by J.L. Blackburn (Westinghouse Electric Copyright 1979) consider even today to be the bible for Protective Relay application by engineers and maintenance today. (Other companies like ABB have produce similar publications.)


overcurrent protection relay certificate program

Upon scoring 80% or better, instructions will appear so you can receive a nice certificate!

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TOPICS: Protection Relay: Overcurrent Protection |Types of Relay | Transformer Protection | Power System Protection Covered are the differential relay circuit, interposing relay, potential relay and the zone of protection are covered. Also covered are solid state relays and their related circuit protection devices. Not just overvoltage protection and current relays.