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Westport Plaza St Louis map

Westport Gold Tower Training Location Details

Below are travel and location details for our new Westport Gold Tower PLC training location and 111 West Port Plaza St Louis map

West Port Plaza St. Louis Westport Gold Tower
Click to zoom in on West Port Plaza Map, showing Gold tower and parking garage. (Parking validated in class) After entering parking garage, keep heading towards left until you can go no further to find elevators and Gold Tower parking area. This new West Port plaza location has over eighteen restaurants and entertainment venues with walking distance, including the comedy club. This is Westport Gold Tower as a landmark you are in the right place. Has Starbucks on 1st floor, our training on 10th floor. Can be seen from I-270 and anywhere in West Port Plaza complex. If you have problems, see our receptionist on 6th floor.

 Map from Hotel (Extended Stay America) to Westport Gold Tower:

Westport Gold Tower - 111 West Port Plaza St. Louis, MO 63146
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Map from Saint Louis Airport to Extended Stay America (Westport)

Extended Stay America (Westport) - 11827 Lackland Road, St. Louis, MO 63146 PHONE: 314-993-6868 (<< click for link to hotel)
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Click Westport Interactive Map to see things to do after class each day.