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Why use onsite customized training?

(Greater ROI, customized training and experience on your equipment, personalize one on one training,  and less travel expenses...)

PLC sample1 - plc programing with rslogix plc5 and slc500 software.  PLC sample2 - PLC glossary for plc trianing use, and reference later.  PLC sample3 - keeping track of your plc programming and ladder logic files.

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We perform our training at the customer's facility, customized training to each specific customer's need. Most customers have 3 to 5 employees in the class (5 days of training). This consist of hands on training from day one in an uninterrupted class room environment using a copy of the customer's PLC program used in their facility. We bring everything needed for training, employees need only show up ready to learn. Our blended learning approach using real world programs insures no employees are being left behind in contrast to other's training where instructor follows a "canned" curriculum.


PLC training comparison

Our training method insures employees receive a high  quality level of training that also matches their experience and their facility's needs. We have found this to give customer's the greatest return on their training investment. 


With the instructor's guidance, the students receive real world examples and experience with the actual equipment they will be working with on day to day bases. This also gives instructor the opportunity to insure customers equipment such as Lap Top/software are set up properly and effectively. We also survey documentation, program backups and recommend procedures to insure reliability. 


If requested, we will adjust curriculum to promote any FDA requirements made aware of in respect to Standard Operating Practices - SOP of your facility.


Our customized training qualifies for most state reimbursement programs!


We strongly recommend one person from each shift be trained in PLCs. 


While we have traveled to a site to train just one person, most customers are utilizing the 3-5 person training session. In addition, when training more than one, customers save the extra travel expenses to send more than one employee to a training facility located elsewhere.


Business Industrial Network is not in the business of capitalizing on your downtime. We help you reduce downtime. 


Some of the key advantages to utilizing our training services compared to others are ...


We hope you will consider letting us help you reduce downtime through more efficient troubleshooting skills, training and procedures. Our instructors are consultants who can advise you on your equipment to increase reliability, while visiting your site.

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Please contact us and we will asses your maintenance personnel needs. Our fees are based on the same cost effective, value added principles as described on our in plant PLC troubleshooting page.

To contact us please use the " contact us" icon on your left, or click here, or if you prefer, or call during normal business hours at 702-625-7715