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Thanks Shannon4Freedom for the info.

Problem : Might you know (I hope) why I get so many Internet Script Errors (line 2,char1, syntax error, code 0) on virtually every Groups page I go to?

Solution : Well, I primarily focus on industrial machine downtime, problems and solutions. I occasionally moonlight in the PC area. :>) I try to never turn a question away.

Script is written by humans, and they are seldom perfect especially with so many platforms out there. There is an option with Internet explorer, that Microsoft got literal with. You need to UN-check the box labeled "Display a notification about EVERY script error" . The slightest syntax error will be reported, even if you may never notice an ill result in the page you are viewing. :>) To turn off (UN-check) this option... 

  • go to pull down menu [tools] 
  • then [Internet Options] 
  • then [Advance] read through the options to see the one I am speaking of, and UN-check it.

Respond to BIN95's help: "Thank you. thank you, thank you. Although I seldom get script errors I get tons of them at Groups and it has been a pain clicking the Yes several times before a page loads. I was beginning to get a complex about it because friends I have sent to groups didn't have any script errors. Some things are so simple to fix aren't they?"

Thanks for the info.

Problem : How to save money using AOL service. I have LDD net access already, but no local phone number for AOL. I have to pay a surcharge for the 1-800 number.

Solution :In the set-up screen (sign on) for AOL, set up a new access number. Leave the phone numbers blank, and select "IP" for you network. Then connect to the internet through and then sign on with AOL using the new IP setting you created. You will be charged only the flat fee for unlimited usage on AOL and LDD.

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