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PLC Training

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(Specialize in Allen Bradley SLC500, PLC5, RSLogix PLC training.)

PLC Training

Business Industrial Network provides on site, customized Program Logic Controller (PLC programming training), for your maintenance and engineering staff. Once your team moves on to PAC training, a course is customize using your RSLogix 5000 programs. This is yet another way we are responding to our customers needs. Our survey of over 300 companies and corporations reveals two well known facts.


1. The most unplanned downtime occurs during the off shifts.

2. Many companies only have maintenance technicians with PLC Technician Training certification on day shift.


Our studies on the true cost of production downtime prove that plc training of off shift employees yields a great return on your investment (ROI). We have also found those who have had plc training previously, greatly benefit from our customized training. Maintenance technicians give two good reasons for receiving additional training from Business Industrial Network.


1. "I took an OEM course a few years back, but they went too fast, and taught topics I have never used."

2. "When you hardly ever have to troubleshoot a plc, you forget that class room stuff."


The Training Solution:

Our customized PAC & PLC training for your maintenance department

(What sets us apart from your other training options.)



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Free on-line PLC Introduction Video


A special thank you to our corporate training customers, Lear, Hanover, Chemical Lime,  Amgen (A FDA regulated company) and BNFL (A DOE contractor), Lowe's and CVS (Main Distribution Centers) and Letterkenny Army Depot! 

Also a special thanks to our long standing corporate customers like International Paper, Weyerhaeuser, Green Bay Packaging, Georgia Pacific, F&P Georgia Inc., General Motors, Clemson University, Hitachi Computer Products Inc., Honeywell, and KV Pharmaceuticals. We appreciate all of our past and future customers. Also a special thanks to The Arkansas Workforce Investment Board for listing us in their State training database.


st louis plc training seminar  Some of our Training Equipment, we use mosly SLC 504's  Jan 2006 PLC Training  Free Training Handouts


Why on site customized training?


Our goal is to give your maintenance and engineering personnel the training they need to troubleshoot and maintain the equipment in your facility. Our training ranges from the basics for the beginner, to advanced training to aid your current technicians in working with new assets and technologies.


Business Industrial Network recommends that at least 1 person on each shift be competent in the following areas.


This course has also qualified under the Federal Program - Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and most state reimbursement programs. So your company could possibly get reimbursed some or all of the training fees if they chose to pursue that.  We are also registered in the Federal CCR database if any Federal, State or Local government employees are interested in this PLC training.


All of our training is Hands-on with actual equipment we provide, but we use power points as a guide and for handouts. Please click images below to see samples of PowerPoint presentation...


PLC sample1 - plc programming with rslogix plc5 and slc500 software.  PLC sample2 - PLC glossary for plc trianing use, and reference later.  PLC sample3 - keeping track of your plc programming and ladder logic files.


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Please click Free online Industrial Training Skills Assessment Tool  to see if you or your maintenance personnel need this training. Take the series of PLC Assessments provided there. You may be surprised, as the knowledge we deliver is not always in text books or manuals. Our On-Site Training fees are based on the same cost effective, value added principles and are the lowest in the industry. We do not charge per person, we charge per day, up to 5 employees per class, any schedule, 24/7 and classes can be back to back when more than 5 need trained. "The Best for Less"


bbb accredited business

Customer comments ...

One of's Chief Engineers, Sabrina Taraboletti wrote a good full page review of this course to their Training Director. Too large to place on this web page, but upon request we would be happy to share the full review with you. Below are some valuable insights from her review of the class...


"...Don uses the RXLogix 500 series because it is easier to understand and troubleshoot for people who are beginners.  You need to understand the basics of the system before you can move on to understanding the more complicated features of the RXLogix 5000 System. ...Analogy;  you have to learn how to run Windows 7 PC edition before you tackle Windows 7 Server edition.  ... My 3rd assistant engineer had done some PLC work at school and on her cadet midshipman vessels.  She also felt this was an excellent course and a good starting place for those, like her, who do have a little experience with PLC's. ... I am not sure about the other FSV's, but the Shimada has a Toughbook PC with RSLogix 5000 loaded on it.  I brought that with me to the class.  I would show up early, and Don would work with me in understanding the differences (and similarities) between the 500 and 5000 series machines.  This was a great help and I came back with a with a better working knowledge of that computer and how to use it. Upon completion of the class one receives a certificate of accomplishment,  a USB Flash Drive with a ton of information on it, and an Allen Bradley Micrologix miniature PLC connected to switches and lights that you can continue to practice programming with at home.  This thing is not a cheap toy, and I really feel this sets the BIN folks out ahead of the others.  ... In conclusion I think this would be an excellent course for all engineers, EET's, and ET's in the Fleet, and not just for those who work on FSV's.  As we continue to bring new ships into NOAA, they will undoubtedly be controlled with these devices.  Everyone should have at least a basic understanding of how these things work.  Don is more than willing to do on site training, and I believe this would be an excellent course to hold during winter in port at the MOC locations."


John Marques (Smith & Nephew ASD) "I recently took Don's PLC training when my company offered it. I've been in Maintenance for over 20 years, but never got involved with PLCs in depth. I could troubleshoot most things driven with PLCs by observing the real world outputs, but that only gets you so far. His course was easy to understand, and helped me a great deal regarding PLC issues. I would recommend anyone in maintenance take this course if the opportunity arises! Even if you don't get into programming, It's a good troubleshooting tool to have."


Walter J Rivers (Georgia Pacific) "Jim was very patient with our lack of pre existing knowledge and helped out and explained at every step."


Elaine Vavra (Southeast Community College Instructor) "One of the best hands-on classes I have attended. The hands-on portion really added  to my limited experience in PLCs."


Jim (Maintenance Manager) "This training is not like the vendor training we have received before where they try to sell you their hardware. We where getting hands-on training after the first hour and advice that only an experienced end-user would offer. A great supplement to our tech school training. Thanks"  


Jeff Rodriguez (Maintenance Superintendent at Fall River Foundry) "The PLC training I received from this organization was the best I have sat through in many years. Detailed and real on hands training and troubleshooting knowledge. I have used this organization 4 times now and it has been a big hit from all the maintenance techs I sent through. Great job from the trainer. "


Will Inglis (SB Electronics) "Don's teaching methods for the PLC Troubleshooting class were greatly impressive. He knew when to slow down to help those that were not completely understanding, and when to pick up the pace if everyone was following along quickly. The class is highly recommended, and Don makes it a great experience for everyone."


Timothy Wilson (Technician at Corning Life Sciences) "Don gave a very knowledgeable course on RS Logix and was very attentive about the standards and the class involvement was great. Don worked hard to make sure that everyone was keeping up and understood the work. i would recommend Don to anyone for the technical knowledge and the patience to get the job done."


Mark Mason (OCI Chemical DCS Administrator) "The instructor demonstrated thorough knowledge of the training materials and also provided useful real life examples."


To contact us please click here. Or if you prefer, email to bin2020 @, or call during normal business hours at 702-625-7715


For the individual seeking PLC Training, please see below.

PLC Training Seminar:

AB RSLogix PLC Training Seminar

Business Industrial Network brings you the most value added PLC training seminar/workshop. These workshops typically sell out, so hurry and register today. Click AB RSLogix PLC Training Seminar - PLC5 - SLC500 (PLC seminar attendees also receive our free RSLogix 5000 PAC certificate course software, just like on-site PLC training participants do.)


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