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Electrical Circuit Simulator Software

Electrical Circuit Diagram Design Software with Circuit Simulator


Prod #:  CMH-15-The-Constructor

The Constructor 15:
The Constructor electrical drawing software and circuit simulator software is a great training tool for teaching troubleshooting! Draw ladder diagrams and electrical layouts much faster and easier than with most CAD software. The constructor makes the creating, testing, troubleshooting, teaching and printing of electrical circuit diagrams, electrical schematics and electrical drawings fast and easy.

Electrical Circuit Diagram Design Software Circuit Simulator

Highlighted Constructor 15 features:
These are just a few highlighted features in this circuit design software and simulator:

☑ Interactive on-screen help 
☑ Constructor 15 built in manual
☑ Electrical circuit diagram examples 
☑ 800+ wire drawing symbols
☑ Optional PLC I/O wiring diagram symbols libraries
☑ See the power flow and hear motors, switches and alarms
☑ Optional 126 sound effects library
☑ Create and display notes and workbooks
☑ Automatically add wire numbers to your circuit diagrams
☑ Export to electrical wiring diagram PDF (including workbooks)
☑ Export to CAD file format DXF, DWG, JPG, GIF, TIF or PNG
☑ Electrical simulation scripting for hands free simulations
☑ Freecad download (60 day trial)


About The Constructor electrical circuit diagram design software and circuit simulator:

The Constructor started on DOS 23 years ago, now it is on version 15 for Win10, 8, 7, XP, where you can see the power flow and hear motors and alarms. You can even take and display notes, print electrical circuit simulations and electrical schematics diagram. You can automatically add wire numbers to your diagrams, print wire labels, use Brady and other wire label printer manufacturer's templates. you can export to electrical wiring diagram PDF, or optionally to CAD file format DXF, DWG, JPG, GIF, TIF or PNG. The latest features added are electrical simulation scripting for hands free simulations.

(The free CAD download is a 60 day trial.)


electrical circuit diagram
Electrical circuit diagram in edit mode.


electrical circuit simulator
Electrical circuit simulator in run mode.

The Constructor is used by fortune 500 companies, schools and universities, electricians, contractors and various IBEW/JATC/UA/IEC training centers around the world. Still not sure this electrical circuit diagram design software and circuit simulator is right for you? download free simulator (60 day trial of version 13). then if it meets your need, purchase below for activation code to be sent.

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within 24 hours of order being placed, you will receive an email with download and activation information.

1 PC installation  $399

Unlimited Installs, Site License  $3000  (per single street address)

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Note:  Simulation software advertised on this page is not the spice simulation or circuitlab or an electronic circuit simulator.