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Electrical Troubleshooting, PLC Troubleshooting training.

The TSTrainer Electrical & PLC Troubleshooting Certificate Course


Electrical Troubleshooting
Electrical Troubleshooting
Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting
How to Troubleshoot PLC
Electrical Problems
Troubleshooting & Fix Electrical Problems
basic electrical wiring
Basic Electrical Wiring Motor Controls
Industrial Electrical Contractors
Industrial Electrical Contractors Training
plc ladder logic examples
8 PLC Ladder Logic Examples
plc troubleshooting training
PLC Troubleshooting Training
electrical troubleshooting pdf
32 Page Electrical Troubleshooting Lab Manual PDF

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The electrical troubleshooting examples in this TSTrainer certificate course will help sharpen your electrical installation testing skills, and also includes introductory PLC troubleshooting training modules. The electrical problems start with basic electrical wiring, and moves up to PLC examples. The TSTrainer is designed to assist industrial electrical contractors, maintenance technicians, and other learners with systematic troubleshooting skills. Uses NEMA and IEC electrical standards.


The skills of the competent technician must include a methodical means of troubleshooting and root cause analysis. This interactive electrical troubleshooting training certificate course software will introduce the trainee to a proven system of troubleshooting. Upon completion, the technician will display skills in methodical electrical troubleshooting and PLC fault finding techniques. This will be evidenced by successful completion of the increasingly complex electrical troubleshooting simulations. The TSTrainer certificate course includes training modules on ...


  1. Electrical Troubleshooting Introduction
  2. 3 Basic Electrical Wiring Simulated Faults
  3. 5 Electrical Motor Control Faults
  4. 8 PLC Troubleshooting Faults


Learning Electrical Troubleshooting:

The TSTrainer electrical troubleshooting course is great for individuals just starting out wanting to learn on their own. The first training module is an introduction to electrical troubleshooting with text and audio narration. The included 32 page electrical troubleshooting pdf Lab manual also provides more introduction to Troubleshooting Control Circuits. It also includes instructions on how to use the TSTrainer. The Lab manual can be accessed via the software and you can also optionally print it out for a hard copy. While its intent is for instructors to use as hand outs to students, there is nothing stopping the individual user license owner from using it for extra study material.



The troubleshooting trainer is a highly interactive multimedia training application that is designed to assist technicians, electricians, apprentices and other students in the development of systematic troubleshooting skills. The emphasis of the training is not on shot-gun type troubleshooting, but on root cause analysis. Each electrical problem is accompanied by a ladder diagram examples and explanation of proper circuit operation. The user will be able to use a multimeter to take measurement of circuit potential. Also available is the ability to power down circuit and lock out-tag out circuit breaker when repairing. Although the troubleshooting problems within this application will be limited to troubleshooting live circuits only.



Learning PLC Troubleshooting:

Each PLC troubleshooting problem is accompanied by a ladder logic program and explanation of proper circuit operation. On one or more of the PLC troubleshooting exercises, user may not be able to go online with the PLC as the goal of that particular exercise is to teach/test the ability to troubleshoot without access to ladder logic program. Such is the real world sometimes. Additional features of the PLC troubleshooting faults are ability to open some of solenoid wiring junction box to test at that point with virtual VOM (Volt Ohm Meter). Also PLC is able to be switched from run mode to halt.  Also a log file of user's successes or failures is built into this application for evaluation. Upon successful completion of all of the electrical troubleshooting faults and PLC troubleshooting faults, user will be able to print a certificate of completion.



Note: Before answering electrical troubleshooting fault question, be sure to Lock Out - Tag Out! So you are ready to fix electrical problems. You do not want to lose points for electric repair safety!

electric repair
Troubleshooting Skills Test

Testimonial :

Ty Montgomery  - Maintenance Technician - " The company that I work for recently bought your TSTrainer. They allowed all of the maintenance guys to use it. It has really helped to hone my trouble shooting ability.


Press here to download TSTrainer in Demo mode >> electrical - plc troubleshooting simulation software.


the single user license is for a single person to use and learn from. you will receive download and activation code within 24 hours of ordering. the single user license is great for individual wanting to learn and test, earn a certificate and it never expires. individual can use over and over again to refresh troubleshooting skills and to stay sharp. as always, we got your back. should you ever get a new compatible computer or had a crash, you just email us for another install.

with site licenses, you will receive rights to have unlimited install and users per physical location, it also never expires, no annual fee, student log file is password protected. student scores saved to ms access database for easy student/employee management and interface with other lms. the included lab manual is in printable pdf format so instructor can print handouts and additional exercises. ... making the site license purchasing option perfect for technical schools, community colleges, universities, apprenticeship programs, company training departments and other industrial training institutes.

download sample of PLC - Electrical Troubleshooting PDF Lab Manual.

Another differentiator of this troubleshooting training tool is the site license gives owner right to modify and expand on program as they see fit. If you have multiple campuses, facilities or locations around the world, you just purchase multiple site licenses as the same super low site license price publically listed below.

While simulations through multimedia applications such as the TSTrainer are excellent for initial training in in electrical and PLC fault finding techniques, nothing can replace actual hands on practice with real equipment. The circuits simulated in this software would be an excellent starting point for actual practice. As an instructor, consider constructing actual circuits for reinforcement of the concepts learned here.

Order Now - single user and site license never expires, Win 10,8,7 and XP compatible.

Within 24 hours of order being placed, you will receive an email with download.

Single User, Download - $89

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Installs Site License - $890  (per facility, campus)

training courses

Learning Path:

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