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Purchase Maintenance & Engineering Training about industrial and plant maintenance equipment today.

electrical course10 dvd video library  Industrial Electrical Training Video Course Library

10 DVDs about electrical control with video reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, master set of exams and course completion certificate. We cover  electrical control circuits, motor controls, and PLCs. includes DC and AC motor controller, 3 phase transformer and many more industrial motor, power and automation control training modules.
programmable controllers - industrial plc training video courseeducational videos  PLC Training Video Series (10 DVD set w/ workbook) -  Industrial PLC training video course, 10 DVDs about programmable controllers with video reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, master set of exams and course completion certificate. No prior PLC knowledge required, applicable to all makes and models of PLCs.



plc technician 25% Discount !:  PLC Technician's Bundle. The PLC technician's bundle consist of 4 Koldwater controls training software and the PLC simulator CD. A great gift for the maintenance and engineering professional. The gift of knowledge last a lifetime.



Corporations & colleges: See current low cost perpetual site licenses !







New: Hazmat Electrical Certificate Course This workplace safety hazard training also helps meet other regulatory requirements like the OSHA, DOT, and EPA's RCRA to regulate the handling of hazardous waste from cradle to grave; and others. This electrical safety training program also makes a great addition to the company and school electrician training programs, and one's electrical certificate.


New: Advanced PLC Programming Examples These 11 PLC programming examples are labeled 'advanced' as they are structured text programming examples, plus have related HMI programming instructions. You will get hands on experience using the free HMI/PLC simulator to write initial PLC program and HMI program, then the instructor gives you several PLC program modification exercises.


structured text programming PLC structured text programming certificate course. This online course gives you a firm foundation on the basics of PLC ST programming with hands on exercises using a full and free HMI/PAC/PLC simulator. The online PLC ST course never expires so it makes for a great reference or refresher later in time. On sale now for only $99 (certificate program)


electrcial troubleshooting simulator Electrical troubleshooting training and testing simulator TroubleX is designed to both train and test industrial electricians in relay logic and electrical schematic comprehension. Utilizing simulation and interactive electrical schematics, it becomes an exceptional training and testing tool.


vfd training certificate course Online VFD basics certificate course Variable Frequency Drive Essential, is a VFD training online certificate course where you learn how VFD motor control works and other essentials. The online course is designed to familiarize students from beginner or expert with the essential VFD types, features, functions and benefits of them. One of the best VSD motor online courses you can get as it never expires, 24/7 access worldwide.


fluid power certificate course Fluid power certificate course After the hydraulic engineering introduction in the basic fluid power principles section, you move on to hydraulics and pneumatics practical application, followed by hydraulic pumps and miscellaneous components. Of course, as with all of our maintenance related courses, it wraps the course up with a troubleshooting section. This course software also  has a built in lab manual, fluid power symbols table and glossary.


siemens plc training Siemens PLC training simulator bundle This Siemens PLC simulator and plant simulation software bundle make for a great Siemens training tool. Especially since both Siemens PLC simulator (s7 SPS software) and the factory simulator (Factory I-O) interface with each other to give a full system hands-on experience. The value at this introductory price is great, order soon.


pid training PID tuning blueprint, calculator and simulator download The PID tuning blueprint download (professional), simplifies PID control loop tuning and provides many PID tuning tips. Tuning calculator and simulator included! it's real-world, plain English approach makes the PID tuning blueprint a great training tool too!


best selling:


ebook Best practice maintenance & engineering reliability training program  $299.00

ebook Maintenance policy and procedures kit - 2nd edition  $99.00

safety training Motor and controls training certificate course $119.95

plc training Electrical and plc troubleshooting skills training course $89.00

plc training PLC training 2 CD set $159.99

siemens plc simulator Siemens plc simulator bundle  $165.00
pump set Pumps (3 eBook set) $30.00

maintenance engineering:


plc videos Electrical training video series (10 DVDs w/ Workbook) $2997.00

plc videos Plc training video series (10 DVDs w/ Workbook) $2289.00

electrical troubleshooting training Electrical troubleshooting training and testing simulator  $99.00

plc programming examples PLC programming examples (ST)  $49.00

electrical simulator Electrical drawing and simulator software $399.00

hvac training HVAC training: refrigeration & air conditioning  $149.00

plc videos Electrical control circuits and plc troubleshooting training course $89.00

ebook Best practice maintenance & engineering reliability training program  $299.00

kpi SCADA basics course (PDF)  $99.00

fieldbus Fieldbus basics course  $399.00

kpi EZ schematics professional  $149.00

kpi Modernization of industrial machines eBook  $29.95

plc cables AB PLC trainer (training equipment) $439.00

plc cables PID tuning blueprint - calculator and software download $179.00

hazardous training Practical guide to hazardous area classification eBook $47.00

plc cables AB PLC cables video DVD $24.99

hydraulic control Industrial hydraulic systems and circuits  $29.95

machining equipment Handbook for machining equipment maintenance  $29.95

pump set Pumps (3 book set) $35.00

conveyor belt The submersible, sump pump and bilge guide  $19.99

conveyor belt Belt bucket elevator design, use and care $75 $15

bulk material handling equipment Belt bucket elevator design - 2nd edition  $19.99

performance safety RTOL chemical test methods  $29.95

management training Process control & instrumentation simplified $15.00
manufacturing Bulk materials handling introduction $12.50
shopping cart Bearings & lubrication explained $12.50
training Pumping basics  $12.50
pump Pump types explained $12.50
centrifugal pump Centrifugal pump problems & answers $15
engineering Rotating machinery long life basics $12.50
process Process & utilities plant hands-on $12.50
electrical engineering Heat transfer equipment elementary $12.50
maintenance Metallurgy & welding in maintenance overview $12.50
plastic molding Plastics application fundamentals $12.50
corrosion Corrosion control for beginners $12.50
equipment Dust control equipment & methods $12.50
electric motors Electric motors in use $12.50


maintenance management:


change management Management of change (MOC) eBook 3rd edition $39.95

sop development Automation with a human touch video DVD  $129

sop development 5s Lean manufacturing training video DVD  $159

sop development Problem solving skills training DVD  $199

sop development World class OEE eBook   $34.95

sop development Business engineers eBook   $19.99

sop development Maintenance policy and procedures kit - 2nd edition  $99.00

sop development Employee training and development with sops - 3rd edition   $29.95

cost analysis Process risk management eBook   $69.95

cost analysis Frameworks for selected system engineering reports eBook   $19.95

cost analysis Frameworks for selected engineering project management reports eBook   $9.95

cost analysis Frameworks for selected business management reports eBook   $12.95

cost analysis Fundamentals of software engineering project management e-book   $29.95

cost analysis The accuracy controlled enterprise white paper   $19.95

cost analysis Defect and failure true cost white paper   $19.95

cost analysis Japanese path to maintenance excellence MP3 audio book   $29.85

cost analysis True down time cost analysis - 2nd edition   $29.95

operational management Operational integrity management (OIM) - all WIP eBooks  $39.95

refinery process Guide to refinery process technologies (second edition)  $29.95

quality management Maintenance work order system white paper  $19.99

quality management Introduction to quality management  $19.99

equipment criticality Using equipment criticality analysis white paper  $19.99

kpi Business strategy management with KPI white paper  $19.99

sop Employee training and development with SOP white paper  $19.99

emergency generators Emergency diesel electric generators eBook  $19.99

ebook Industrial asset management and equipment reliability  $19.99

ebook Guide to refinery process technologies  $22.50
performance safety Performance safety: lessons for life  $19.99
maintenance How to smash maintenance advisor  $19.99
education Asset maintenance systems & methods $15.00
japanese Japanese path to maintenance excellence $15.00
industrial engineering CMMS secrets $12.50
cmms CMMS selection kit $99.00
cmms system CMMS insider's guide $19.95
safety training Safety in the work place $12.50
safety training OSHA inspection compliance audit $59.99
safety training Process hazard analysis $59.99
procedures Operating procedures for process plants $59.99
safety training Fault tree analysis $19.95


online training courses


motor starter tutorial PLC structured text programming certificate course  $99

osha training Online OSHA training video library $149.00 per month

forlift training Online forklift certification training video series $149.00 per month

power transformer training Online power transformer training course   $99.00

motor starter tutorial Motor starter training course   $49.00

motor control center Motor control center course   $99.00

protective relay Protection relay course   $99.00

vfd course Online VFD basics certificate course $99.00

plc scada course HMI PLC SCADA course   $239.00

fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus basics course  $299.00

level i ir certification prep Level i IR certification prep  $1695

level ii ir certification prep Level ii IR certification prep  $1695

level iii ir certification prep Level iii IR certification prep  $1295

infrared electrical inspections Infrared inspection of electrical systems   $1095

ir training Infrared inspection of mechanical systems    $1095

ir Infrared inspection of electro mechanical systems    $1295

infrared inspection Infrared inspection of building     $1195

safety training Hazardous area instrumentation training course   $810.00 (10 students, 3 months access)

rfid RFID online training  $590.00 (10 students, 3 months access)

maintenance training online Mechanical online training courses  $49.00 (2 months access)

plc networking PLC networking basics  (free)


computer based training


safety training Motor and controls training certificate course  $119.95

plc training PLC training 2 CDs $159.99

safety training View trainer - RSView HMI training course $179.00

plc training Controllogix - RSLogix 5000 training course $199.99

safety training VFD trainer freq drive training course $129

plc simulator Troubleshooting industrial controls and PLCs $89.00

plc videos Hydraulics training certificate course $149.00

plc videos OPC training certificate course  $199.00

safety training DeviceNet networking course $129.00

safety training PID control tutorial course $29.95

safety training Gas and air compressor training $149.00

safety training RFID training $99.00

safety training Hazardous area instrumentation training $150.00

plc training Electrical troubleshooting skills training course $89.00

safety training Centrifugal pumps course $149.00

safety training Heat exchangers course $149.00

safety training Mechanical seal training and seal selection software $149.00

safety training Condition based maintenance training $149.00

safety training Rotating equipment alignment training $149.00

safety training Industrial valves course $149.00

safety training Steam turbines and governing systems training $149.00

safety training Distillation process and equipment course $149.00

safety training Positive displacement pumps training $149.00

safety training Oil exploration and production process training $149.00

safety training Industrial hydraulics training course $149.00

Discounted bundles:

New - PLC technician training bundle (4 certificate programs, 25% discount)

New - Automation technician training bundle (7 certificate programs, 32% discount)

New - Maintenance technician training bundle (8 certificate programs, 31% discount)

New - Technician's dream training bundle (7 certificate programs, 36% discount)

New - Advanced troubleshooting industrial controls (3 certificate programs,  12% discount)


PowerPoint presentations:


kpi SCADA basics course PowerPoint  $199.00

kpi Rotating equipment reliability excellence PowerPoint  $59.95

kpi Total productive maintenance -TPM PowerPoint  $19.99

kpi Reliability and maintenance management training PowerPoint's  $59.95

kpi Enterprise asset management system training PowerPoint's  $79.95

kpi Maintenance planning and scheduling PowerPoint's  $49.95

kpi Maintenance management PowerPoint presentation download  $19.95


books on CDs:


best practice 4 cd setSilver - Best practice maintenance & engineering reliability training program  $299.00


books on cd Process, plant & equipment 18+ eBooks on CD $99.95

maintenance articles Process, plant & equipment 150 articles on CD $99.95

maintenance training Process, plant & equipment 30 week training program $99.95


Feed forward publications, a subsidiary of business industrial network provides these high quality educational eBook (whitepapers)  downloads specifically aimed at increasing the knowledge of engineers, maintenance, management and plant operators.

Koldwater software is also a subsidiary of business industrial network provides high quality industrial controls training certificate course. (on CDs and as downloads.)


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