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Online PLC Structured Text Programming Basics Course

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Using free Codesys PLC Simulator to get hands on experience.


Prod #:  RM1-7816-5050-5246 (16 professional development hour (PDH)  - 1.6 CEU)

PLC Structured Text Programming Basics:
 This online PLC Structured Text Programming Basics Training Course uses the free Codesys PLC Simulator to give you hands on experience. The approach this certificate course takes with each lesson is to start with a ladder diagram example, then show you how to write Structured Text (ST) IEC program version. Next it guides you through designing the HMI interface you use with the structured text programming you just wrote in the Codesys PLC simulator. (The course Includes Codesys tutorials too.)

Already know IEC 61131-3 structured text?

 If you are an experienced Structured Text user, you will not find much new in this ST Basics programming course.  This course is intended for new Codesys users who wants to get a foothold into programming PLCs/PACs in Structured Text. While it is claimed that no prior knowledge of PLCs is necessary to take this course, we recommend the best practice of first learning PLCs, before moving on to PACs (which is where structured text programming language is used).

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The courses begins with the first 5 training modules giving you an introduction, a Codesys tutorials on how to install and start the free PLC simulator. An introduction to structured text programming basics using the free PLC simulator for hands-on experience. How to design the HMI screens in the simulator you will be using to test your structured text programs you write. Then raps up by taking you through step by step process of creating the entire automation control project and running it in the HMI/PAC/PLC simulator.


Module 6-15, each take you step by step through the most common structured text PLC instructions, teach you about them and guiding you in creating a program using them. Each training module uses the approach of first showing you what it would look like in ladder logic, then guiding to write Structured Text (ST) IEC-61131-3 program example, download to PLC simulator and see it work in the real world, real time. Plus there are four real-world example programs with their associated HMI interfaces included, ready to download, go online and study.

The Structure Text Instructions are:

☑ IF

☑ WHILE and REPEAT Loops

☑ FOR Loops

☑ CASE Instructions

☑ Boolean Instructions (AND, OR, XOR)

☑ Math Instructions (ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, MOD)

☑ Compare Instructions (EQ, NE, LT, LE, GT, GE)

☑ Selection Instructions (SEL, MUX, MIN, MAX, LIMIT)

☑ Timers and Counters

☑ 4 Real world example PLC programs w/related HMI (projects)

☑ Built in Interactive pre-Quiz (40+ questions)
☑ HMI/PAC/PLC Simulator
☑ 25 Question Online Final Exam (no time limit)
☑ Nice 1.6 CEU Certificate of Completion (must score 80% or better)
☑ Online access never expires so makes a great reference and refresher!


If you view this intro video of the PLC Structured Text programming course on our YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe while there. As we will create more videos to supplement this course so you can continue your education on this topic .

Screen shots taken from the Online PLC Structured Text Programming Course and PLC simulator...


Codesys tutorials
CodeSys Tutorials


structured text programming examples
Structured Text Programming Examples

rslogix 5000 structured text examples As the Structured Text programming language used in this course conforms to the IEC-61131-3 standards, the examples can also be considered RSLogix 5000 structured text examples too. This course is not PAC/PLC brand dependant. Although it should be noted some brands of PAC/PLC may not completely confirm to IEC-61131-3 standards. RSLogix 5000 structured text may have a minute syntax difference for example, but not enough to mater with this PLC Structured Text Programming basics course.

Structured Text certificate
If in the US, we mail you a nice certificate.

Note: If you live outside the USA, we will email you your certificate that you can print out on nice certificate paper of your choosing.

Please see Corporate - Education Licenses  or contact us for special corporate and educational multiple user pricing.


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Learning Path:

We recommend:

1st     Industrial Electrical Training Video Course 10DVD


2nd    Electrical Motor and Controls Course


3rd    PLC Basics


4th     HMI Basics


5th     PAC - Controllogix and RSLogix 5000


6th     PLC Training scholastic Video Course 10DVD


7th     Online PLC Structured Text Programming Basics Course (page you are on now)

          (You may also want to complete the 11 additional programming examples At this point too.) 


8th     PLC Troubleshooting & SCADA


Note:  All software offered by BIN95 is Win 10, 8, 7 and XP compatible.