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Business Industrial Network was founded in 1995. (see map)


Industrial Engineering and Maintenance Training:


Business Industrial Network’s core business is delivering Industrial Training Certificate Courses worldwide for engineering, maintenance and their management. 100% Veteran owned BIN, started out 20+ years ago specializing in instructor based live hands-on PLC training on-site and in public PLC Training seminars in the USA. They have maintained an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau since then, and are registered as a Federal Contractor #5BC72 . All of the instructor based courses and some of the 100+ software based courses used by colleges and corporate training departments around the world, offer CEUs and PDHs credits. Courses are known for focusing on practical application, and software courses are often supplemented with real-world simulation software BIN offers for hands-on experience too!


Business Industrial Network delivers world class onsite engineering and maintenance training, specializing in Allen Bradley equipment. With over 150 training facilities at our disposal for local training, we deliver off-site maintenance training in most major US cities. (Although on-site at your facility has been the most popular delivery method. ) We conduct maintenance training seminars in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Denver and St. Louis. See our Industrial Training Testimonials. Also see samples of who our customers are around the world.


Engineering and Maintenance


Engineering and Maintenance Training Products:


Thru our subsidiaries, Feed Forward Publications and Koldwater Software we offer maintenance, engineering and other industrial related training material. Some of our management, electrical and mechanical related training material offered are Simulation Software, PLC Training Equipment, Interactive Software Certificate Course, PLC programming examples, Power Points, CDs and Ebooks. We have authors and affiliates around the world and sell to over 120 countries.


Also of note, we provide various free resources on this site, Feed Forward Publications site  and


Although we no longer actively seek industrial web hosting clients, we still maintain websites and promote them for past clients and organizations like the Association for Facilities Engineering (St. Louis chapter)


maintenance management  Our management philosophy is to always give the customer more than they expect and everybody is a customer.


bridging the knowledge gap  Our goals are to maintain unique, highly competitive pricing and scheduling structure while bridging the knowledge gap between OEMs and their End-users.


Our management philosophy and goals result in the business and professional ethics that set us apart from our competition.


Not only are the companies and individuals who purchase our training products and services (our core business) our customers, but so are the newsletter subscribers, training partners, advertisers, those we host websites for, link partners and any one who views one of our informative websites or email us.


We do not set our pricing at what the market will bare, we set them at what is fair. As we are a 24/7/365 day operating company, we provide that same flexibility in our scheduling for on site training and for support. We are there for you when ever you need us. Easily indentifying us by our prime directive... The Best for Less


Company Structure:


Our sister company, subsidiary company and partner companies are all synergetic with our core business and noted for the same business - professional ethics we maintain. Please show them your patronage too and profit from a relationship with them.

Feed Forward Publications (Subsidiary)

Koldwater Software (Subsidiary)

PLC Training Org (Supporting Organization)

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Federal Contractor #5BC72 (CCR SAMs Database)

BIN on AribaA+ with BBB     engineering Certified Veteran Owned Business


The Institute for Scientific Information(R) sums our web site up...
"You are publishing important, high-quality material on the Web. For this
reason, ISI has selected your site # for inclusion in
Current Web Contents"


Their Review...

Web Site: Business Industrial Network (
"The Business Industrial Network (BIN) is an electronic resource for management of industrial and manufacturing engineering. A readily accessible database of machine problems and FAQs is of note, as are the links to affiliate and related sites. BIN materials are updated frequently, and the staff is responsive to questions and feedback."


Type: articles; FAQs; databases/databanks; association/society home page; online forum; indexed links; annotated links; conference schedule/information; directories; surveys; statistical data; interactive feature; archive; forms


Thomson Scientific selected us again in 2006!  risk management


We are also a Strategic Training Partner for the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) and provide AFE members a 10% discount on training services.

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NEW: OPC Training Course Supports Industrial Convergence of SCADA Systems to IIoT
Business Industrial Network, a leading provider of industrial training, announced the release of the new OPC Training for SCADA & DCS Certificate Course software. This course software gives practical application to PLC, PAC, DCS and SCADA systems knowledge plus it directs hands-on experience with free OPC server software, PiBridge and OPC DA (Data Acquisition) client software is also included in the training course bundle.

Business Industrial Network Acquires Koldwater Software
Koldwater Software develops and produces interactive industrial automation controls training software programs since 1968. Known as a leader in the industry, BIN acquired Koldwater to increase their capabilities and contributions to the industry.

How the US Manufacturing Industry Deals with Recession
A PSA by Business Industrial Network (BIN) about methods for US Manufacturing Industry to adjust for the knowledge vacuum caused by retiring baby boomers with training, while dealing with tight budgets during a recession.


Business Industrial Network Introduces Six sigma Taguchi/DOE Training

Business Industrial Network (BIN) announces its next regularly scheduled seminar/workshop aimed at Problem Solving Using Designed Experiments Application Strategies. Maintenance and Engineering are typically the last to consider or be considered for Six Sigma related training. But as Dr. Roy has been demonstrating for 20 years now, the Design of Experiment technique is very well suited for solving production process problems and improving process design.


PID Industrial Training Workshops Expanded to Customized On-Site Training
After the public industrial workshops where met with much success at their St. Louis, MO and Atlanta, GA locations, Business Industrial Network announced it will add the Hands-on Practical Process Control - workshops to it's growing list of customized on-site training services.


National Industrial Skills Shortage Addressed by Training Partnerships

 -- Business Industrial Network and Control Station have agreed to immediately expand the number and geographic reach of their combined industrial training services to address this market need, starting with the Atlanta training location. These process control training services apply a hands-on approach to training production workers on proven techniques for analyzing and optimizing process control systems.


New Industrial Training for Industrial Control -- PID Control and HMI to PLC

Combination of Seminars Equips Participants with Industrial Control & Troubleshooting Skills. A two day Hands-On Seminar on troubleshooting AB Panelview to PLC followed by a two day Hands-On Seminar for PID control diagnosis and tuning.


New Electrical Troubleshooting Software Branded for Business Industrial Network

Business Industrial Network (BIN) announces a new offering of the "Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Series" training software through a partnership with Simutech Multimedia Inc. The award-winning "Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Series" is a series of Computer Based Training (CBT) programs designed so that the learner will develop a skilled, systematic approach to troubleshooting electrical circuits.

New Industrial Training Solution Offered to Customers in Most Major US Cities
Business Industrial Network announces they now offer over 150 training locations in most major US cities to hold their customized industrial training classes at . The New Service will be launched at the St. Louis location ("The Microsoft Building"), with the June PLC Training Seminar.


Business Industrial Network Offers Discount on PLC Training as a New Strategic Training Partner for the Association for Facilities Engineering
 Business Industrial Network offers discount and 1.6 CEUs for it s two day PLC Training course to members of the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) as a Strategic Training Partner (STP) for the organization.


Business Industrial Network Acquires Feed Forward Publications

Write a book to change the world!
 Recording and sharing individual knowledge and experience in the industrial sector is changing management and industry procedures. New and existing industry authors are now being published for free by Feed Forward Publications (FFP) and the Business Industrial Network (BIN). Experienced and skilled ...


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