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Electric motor, variable speed drive, pressure transmitter, ph meter, proximity sensor, manometer, mac valve, pneumatic actuator, differential pressure transmitter, capacitance probe and much more.

Electric motor, variable speed drive, plcs and sensors


Process Control & Instrumentation Simplified e-Book
ESBN: C60-592B-1E38-60C1

This is the instrumentation technician's reference manual for process control. The instrumentation control process is made up of an assortment of different type of sensors, the ebook is a guide to those sensors. Mike gives real experience in troubleshooting and design considerations for process control systems.

As well as describing the inputs from the process, the outputs like electric motors and variable speed drives are discussed. Also as the contents indicates, mac valves and other valve types are explained.

The greatest asset of this book is it's reference value and real case examples for ph meters, proximity sensors, manometers, proximity switches, pneumatic actuators, differential pressure transmitter and capacitance probes. (33 pages of pure knowledge, not fluff.)

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Table of Contents

  • Ultrasonic level detectors - Consider these experiences.

  • How control valves operate. 

  • Isolation valves for different chemical services. 

  • Radar level detectors. 

  • Differential pressure transmitters. 

  • Magnetic flow meters. 

  • Control systems can trick operators. 

  • Pneumatic actuator experiences. 

  • Capacitance level probes. 

  • Temperature sensing elements. 

  • Plastic air pipelines for instruments and control valves. 

  • Water hammer and its control. 

  • Proximity switches. 

  • Using pH meters. 

  • Using Liquid Manometers for Measuring Pressure. 

  • Electrical Motor Current Protection Saves Your Plant. 

  • Flow Meters - Don't ever believe what they tell you. 

  • Electric motor variable speed drives operation. 

  • Orifice plate flow meter measurement. 

  • Effect of process changes on electric motors. 

  • Conductivity meter operation & use. 

  • Mechanical level sensor types and use. 

Price:  US$35   NOW US$15.00

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