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Variable Frequency Drive Basics, VFD training online

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Variable Frequency Drive Essentials


Prod #:  TS-2600-VFD-Basics  (1.5hr)

Variable Frequency Drive Tutorial:
This Variable Frequency Drive Basics, is a VFD basics industrial drive training online certificate course. With this electric drive tutorial you'll learn how does a variable speed drive work (VFD drive working principle), and other industrial drive essentials. One of the best VSD motor online courses you can get as it never expires, 24/7 access worldwide. This training module is designed to familiarize students from beginner or expert with the essential VFD types, features, functions, VFD Bypass and benefits of Variable Frequency Drives. So if you are dealing with a VFD pump, VFD HVAC, motor inverter or other AC drive control, this course is a great introduction to the essentials.

MCC Electrical Training

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be qualified to:

☑ Understand the Features of AC Drives
☑ Identify the VFD components
☑ Identify the types of VFDs
☑ Recognize the applicable standards
☑ Understand how a VFD works
☑ Know VFD Manufacturers' Models
☑ Understand Aftermarket Options
☑ Recognize the key selection criteria

Variable Frequency Drive Essentials Outline:

This online course also introduce most of the major manufacture's, including the mini and micro drives. Brands mentioned  are Emerson drive, ABB VFD, Danfoss drives, Siemens drives, Allen Bradley VFD, Eaton drives, Schneider VFD, Franklin drive and Square D VFD. Other real world topics are covered too, like torque, the harmonic drive,  networking, the frequency inverter drive, multi motor operation, PID, PLC and redundancy.

mcc certificate program

Upon scoring 80% or better, instructions will appear so you can receive a nice certificate!

With site licenses, the quiz is scored, the student names and final scores are recorded in a spreadsheet for customer to manage themselves and issue their own certificates... making the site license purchasing option perfect for technical schools, community colleges, universities, apprenticeship programs, company training departments and other industrial training institutes.

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Learning Path:

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