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OSHA workplace safety video course | HAZMAT Electrical Certificate Course

OSHA HAZWOPER - HAZMAT Electrical certificate workplace safety video course

HAZMAT Electrical Certificate Course


Prod #:  SI-179-Haz-Electrical-Safety  (28min to 2hr)


Electrical Safety in HAZMAT Environments:

This HAZWOPER safety training video program is integral to employees' understanding to meet or exceed OSHA training requirements for Electrical Safety in HAZMAT Environments. This safety training This workplace safety training program helps employees to understand the hazards associated with the presence of uncontrolled energy in hazardous materials environments, and how to reduce or eliminate these potential hazards.


This workplace safety hazard training also helps meet other regulatory requirements like the EPA's RCRA to regulate the handling of hazardous waste from cradle to grave; and others. But more importantly, this employee training program helps protect a company's most important asset, it's employees. This electrical safety training program also makes a great addition to the company and school electrician training programs, and one's electrical certificate. This program can be used as the basis for approximately two hours of classroom training.


Electrical Safety in HAZMAT Environments training program covers:

☑ Arcs, sparks, and high temperatures.

☑ The National Electrical Code's three HAZMAT classes.

☑ Engineering controls.

☑ Intrinsically safe electrical systems.

☑ Isolating machinery.

☑ NEC Hazard Class I Areas.

☑ NEC Hazard Class II Areas.

☑ NEC Hazard Class III Areas.

☑ Purging, inerting, and pressurization.

☑ Confined spaces.

☑ Uncontrolled electrical sources.

☑ Dealing with Electricity During a HAZMAT Incident.

and more ...


Below is a short video sample from the Electrical Safety in HAZMAT Environments training video program. Any companies or educational intuitions that would like to view the full electrical safety video used for this HAZWOPER OSHA training certificate course, may do so by using our contact form to provide your full contact information and request a full review of "SI-179-Haz-Electrical-Safety" video.


HAZMAT Electrical Course video


Workplace Safety Employee Training Program Features:

The Electrical Safety in HAZMAT Environments training program is delivered in 4 different formats depending on your needs. They are DVD only, DVD with materials, CD-based training, and Video on demand (VOD). Each format has different combinations of the following safety training program features. See the easy comparison chart to decide which format works best for your training needs.Workplace Safety Training Comparison



VOD: This safety training video can also be accessed as a 100% video course in the Video On Demand library for $149 per month. So purchasing the product on this page in the VOD format, subscribes you to the 80+ Video Based Courses Library. All video courses OSHA, DOT, & EPA Compliant. Cancel subscription anytime. Watch 24/7 from any internet device. New safety video courses added every quarter. Only one login per account at any given time is allowed.


LMS: Also designed with the training manager in mind, the Interactive CD format includes a learning management system (at no additional cost). Using this system, trainers can set up Pre and Post tests... establish log-in procedures... even define and set up a curriculum for various job classes. The system also collects and organizes employee performance information through a powerful relational database, which can generate a number of record-keeping and tracking reports... and has a database import/export feature, which allows information to be transferred to and from an external database (such as a company's personnel database).


Within 24 hours of the order being placed, you will receive an email with an access link or tracking number for shipping, depending on what delivery format you choose.

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Safety hazard class: Workplace safety and OSHA training requirements. This OSHA safety video course is designed for employee training and to help earn OSHA training certificate (hazmat certification).

Electrician classes: This DVD video safety course should be included in electrician training programs that grant an electrical certificate.