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PLC/PAC Networking Basics

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Free Online PAC - PLC Training Course


Below is the free online PLC/PAC Networking basics course. This free online PLC network training has 3 sections...

plc network training videos 4 interactive plc networking basics youtube videos

pac training plc networking basics powerpoint (with instructor's notes)

plc network communications PLC Networking Basics Online Quiz


This PLC networking basics course covers communications basics using Controllogix PAC and WiFi. The course consist of 4 interactive videos, a programmable automation controller pdf of powerpoint with instructor notes and a PAC-PLC Networking quiz at the end. For this free online PLC training course below, we use a class project networking 5 classroom laptops to one Controllogix PAC. (PAC=Process Automation Controller, also known as an advanced PLC) We incorporated the experimental video course below where we attempted to make an interactive youtube video course. This little mini video course on "PLC Networking Basics" uses a Controllogix and WiFi".


PLC Networking Basics Videos:


PLC Networking Basics Quiz

^ Click above picture for PLC Networking Basics Quiz ^




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