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Pi OPC Master: Basic OPC Communications for Industrial Automation Control Course


Prod #:  PiOPC-500-1415A (20 hours)

OPC training for SCADA & DCS:

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is now the latest, most modern and powerful communications protocol for the industry. Using OPC, many data transfers can be quickly and effectively facilitated. In addition, many powerful, custom applications can be developed and implemented on an OPC server-based computer connected to DCS and SCADA systems.

OPC SCADA Training


This OPC certificate course shows you how to use OPC for many important DCS/SCADA connected applications. This Pi OPC Master training bundle also shows you how to connect two independent OPC servers together easily with included special software. The course covers how to pull/push data to and from PLC SCADA system to host computers in the most safe and reliable way. It starts with comprehensive theory chapters, followed by over 150 review tests and then ends with hands-on lab and practical application using real industrial grade software consisting of OPC server and OPC client.  Students install the software on their own computer, configure the OPC server and OPC client as if they were in a real plant and then witness actual real-time data communications in front of their eyes on their own computer. 


The course also teaches how to conceive, design and implement new process control, advanced process control (APC) and communications and related applications using OPC, DCS, SCADA, PLC and PACs.

There are many dry and complicated choices out there for learning OPC. This courses use 20+ year of experience to deliver only the practical and useful knowledge needed in a control room environment to do your job. We know you are busy and have better things to do than poor over 500 page manuals. With this course, in a short time you will be able to understand, use and apply OPC in your facility.

After getting 75% and over test questions correct, students can print a professional looking course completion certificate.  There is no other course that has such a fine blend of theory, tests and hands-on labs and practical applications. 


OPC Training Contents:

  • Industrial Automation Control Network

  • What is OPC

  • OPC Foundation & Standards

  • OPC Solves Compatibility

  • Benefits of OPC

  • OPC Specifications

  • OPC Servers & Clients

  • OPC COM and DCOM

  • OPC DA Server (Data Access)

  • OPC HDA Server (Historical Data Acquisition)

  • OPC A&E Server (Alarm & Events)

  • OPC with Multiple Servers

  • OPC Server and Software Setup

  • OPC server Types

  • OPC Communications

  • Computer Management

  • Component Services

  • OPC Explorers

  • OPC Simulation Servers

  • Connecting to Live OPC Server

  • OPC Redundancy

  • OPC UA (Unified Architecture)

  • + DDE Connectivity

  • + RTU and SCADA Systems

  • Lab Sessions


Free OPC Server software:

 Many OPC courses are just slides you go through. But this OPC training bundle is also hands on. You install and work with real OPC server software, in real time. The OPC software provided with this course are full-blown versions that can be installed and use in any facility. This hands on approach optimizes time and maximizes learning. The following software is provided with this course...

PiBridge (Dual OPC client)

☑ PiLogger (OPC client)


free opc server
PiBridge (free OPC server)
opc data acquisition
PiLogger (data acquisition)

PiBridge can handle any data structure from any OPC server and then allow OPC communications from one server to another. PiBridge essentially is a dual client OPC product that talks to two different OPC servers. PiLogger is an OPC client software product that reads high speed data from any device or any DCS/SCADA or PLC/PAC and then helps to debug the equipment problems, operating problems or causes of equipment shut-downs. PiLogger can be very useful to monitor rotating equipment.

Pi OPC Master training bundle outcomes...

 After completing this course, you will understand important concepts about OPC and its use in the industry. You will be able to connect any OPC server together, transfer data two-way to DCS/SCADA PLC/PAC, perform custom calculations directly on an OPC server and then talk to the DCS/SCADA PLC/PAC, decipher, troubleshoot and solve OPC problems. You will also understand OPC servers, OPC DA, OPC HDA, OPC A&E, OPC UA, OPC communications, COM and DCOM, DCOM troubleshooting, OPC explorer, OPC simulation server, connecting OPC servers, OPC foundation, OPC standards, OPC redundancy and many more OPC related topics.


opc basics
OPC basics
OPC Communications
OPC Communications
Industrial Control Systems
opc basics
Control Automation Network
Control Automation Network
OPC Compatibility
OPC Compatibility
OPC Server basics
OPC Servers
COM and DCOM basics
SCADA Alarms and Events
SCADA Alarms and Events


After practicing what you learned with the free OPC server software included in this OPC training bundle, you will have the skills and knowledge to develop new applications using OPC, save costs using modern OPC technology and implement new Advanced Process Control and primary control schemes faster and with lower costs. You will be amazed and impressed by this course and the knowledge will be relevant to your job in any plant.  (OPC Training preview PDF)


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Learning Path:

We recommend ...

1st  HMI Basics

2nd PLC Troubleshooting & SCADA

3rd OPC SCADA (Page you are on now)


Note:  All software offered by BIN95 is Win 10, 8, 7 and XP compatible.